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by Tom Arnold, ©2021 


(Jul. 22, 2021) — The two are scheduled to appear live at events to be held in December 2021. Two of the events will be in Florida, followed by two more in Texas. Reportedly, the scenario will consist of O’Reilly discussing the Trump administration with the 45th President and presumably asking President Trump hard-hitting (?) questions. How could this possibly be why the whole thing is being called “The History Tour”?

Frankly, I am a bit surprised, considering all of O’Reilly’s books, television shows on FOX (FAUX NEWS) until he was fired in 2017, current podcasts, and egotistical views of himself as an impeccable scholar and journalist, that the “history” which is going to be discussed in these events is so abbreviated (four years)!  Isn’t it true that we learn from history (or that we should learn from it)?  So, then, why will the previous 245+ years of the United States of America presumably be excluded from the discussions?  Somehow, it seems to me that all of history is connected and should be open for conversation, with the understanding, of course, that recent events likely will receive the most attention.

Anyway, O’Reilly probably will be overjoyed that the “give and take” in the discussions with President Trump is planned to focus only on the last four years or so.  Prior to that, his “no spin” and “lookin’ out for the folks” representations of himself did not always prove to be true!  His reputation as an investigative “4th Estate” journalist watchdog over our government on behalf of We The People was not untarnished!  Remember when O’Reilly announced that he had proof that Obama was born in Hawaii (newspaper birth announcements!) and that he was “too busy” to look into the matter any further?  So now, Mr. O’Reilly and President Trump (the “odd couple?”), permit me to give you some very important and true material for what you call “The History Tour.”

Barack Hussein Obama (our 44th president) is a fraud and a charlatan.  He is not, and NEVER was, constitutionally eligible to be president (not a Natural Born American Citizen per Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5).  In fact, because he is unqualified in so many other ways (for example, being a citizen of THREE different countries!), IT DOES NOT EVEN MATTER WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS BORN IN THE UNITED STATES.  His Hawaiian “birth certificate,” whether or not forged, means nothing!  And, just to add a little more fuel to the fire, Obama was chosen, educated, trained, hired once, and ultimately, in a conspiracy unlike any other in American history, placed on the 2008 presidential ballot by our very own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)!  In other words, he was a Manchurian Candidate.  If you don’t know what this means, I suggest you find out.  It is not flattering.  It is not patriotic.  In my humble opinion, it is nothing less than TREASON.  What do you think STEALING THE PRESIDENCY OF OUR COUNTRY AND COMMAND OF OUR ARMED FORCES should be called?

Two more things of vital interest that everyone ought to know before conditions in our society continue to get worse:  Obama was not African-American or Black.  Instead, he was by far more Arab-American (ethnically 44% Arab-American, 50% Caucasian-American, and only 6% Black).  He also indisputably was a Muslim and a sympathizer with terrorists both at home (The Weather Underground, for one) and abroad (The Muslim Brotherhood and the country of Iran).

I’m not going to belabor this next historical point, but I must tell you that our constitutional democratic republic has gone downhill ever since.  Joe Biden has seen to that, although some positive inroads were made for a time by President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” administration.  I should add that Joe Biden is, in reality, not our commander-in-chief.  It is whoever is making policy decisions and calling the important shots from behind the scenes!  That, everyone, is a form of government with which I’m not familiar! I don’t remember voting for an individual or individuals whose identity I did not know or was not on the ballot! Maybe I should ask, where are my reparations? Do I get to go into retail stores and ransack them for food, clothing, liquor, and anything else I want and and able to get out the door without fear of being held accountable?

In conclusion, and I am sorry to have to say it, but our federal government is largely corrupt.  I can only think of a handful of elected and appointed officials who are scrupulously honest and upright, who are dutifully performing their sworn jobs for We The People.  After all, we are the ones who employ and pay them.  Do you think there will be any chance in “The History Tour” for discussion of third-world, RICO-type governments?  Or any mention of the sick joke that “no one is above the law!”  Or that all Americans, regardless of race, religion, or color are deemed to be EQUAL?  Or that we should learn from history as opposed to rewriting or canceling it? The more is canceled, the less there is to learn from.

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  1. O’Reilly, Hannity, Levin, Beck, and others even including Rush Limbaugh (God rest his soul), could not muster the courage to tell their listeners and viewers the whole truth about BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. In retrospect, had they done so, our society today most likely would not be going through its present upheaval and decline. As I recall, Hannity not long ago said that journalism was “dead!” Rather ironic, isn’t it, that he was one of those who killed it! As long as we are naming names (and “kicking butt?”), allow me to list some other individuals whom I believe also qualify as persons of interest if not in fact actual traitors. Here goes: Chief Justice John Roberts Jr (who knowingly swore in a constitutionally ineligible Obama two times and, in the process, became a billionaire); Nancy Pelosi (one of the main conspirators in the nomination and placement on the various states’ election ballots of constitutionally unqualified Democrat candidate Obama); John Brennan (CIA Director appointed by Obama and Obama’s main “fixer,” who destroyed official records incriminating to Obama and likely also was responsible for assassinating Americans who “knew too much”); the Bush family (CIA connected and “in the know” about Obama’s real background and purpose); one-time FBI Director James Comey; Bill and Hillary Clinton (should have “locked her up!”); Leon Panetta (CIA connections and a principal in the 2012 Benghazi incident which left four American heroes dead and should have been ruled an act of criminally negligent manslaughter); George Soros (why does our government allow this anti-American scumbag to get away with transforming our society in any way he or those appointed by him want?); and too many more and too little time to name them all! So, may God help us save our republic from those who would “cancel” and “re-imagine” it, as if they had righteousness, wisdom, and courage equal to or better than our one-time-ever-in-world-history Founding Fathers.

    1. Everything you stated was so obvious as it happened in real time. You could see the fear in all those who were protecting Obama to protect themselves. Hannity would quickly shut down anyone trying to openly and fairly discuss Obama’s obvious ineligibility. Whatever “good” a few of them did was insignificant compared to the lies and misinformation they presented as the truth. They must have been very clearly told to stay away from Obama’s eligibility………..they obeyed while watching their country being destroyed………..and kept their jobs……

  2. Bill O’Reilly destroyed his credibility as an investigative journalist when he based his opinion that Obama was eligible to serve as POTUS solely on his place of birth, and then based that solely on birth announcements in two newspapers.

    The “investigative journalists” for my grade school newspaper had more credibility.