April 7, 2021

Dear Editor,

Magda Szubanski is a gutless, “cancel culture” pack-hunter for going after Christian Liberal Party Senator Amanda Stoker’s beliefs on the protection of vulnerable, impressionable young people being pressed into transgender confusion and into known/documented gender modification disasters! Amanda Stoker’s views/concerns are shared by many, many millions of other Australians (not all being Christians).

Szubanski lamented the many millions of the 40% of Aussies who refused to be cowed into voting for same-sex “marriage”!

And Magda Szubanski, just where were you when the late and great Kiwi/Aussie medical humanitarian Prof Fred Hollows was again attacked by the LGB, etc. mob in 2016, when they (your mob) protested poor old Fred (even when dead) off Australia’s new $5 note?


Howard Hutchins

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