April 4, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As more layers of the onion that is the American election process are unpeeled, more questions beg to be asked.  We are learning that Big Tech deliberately and forcefully blocked content that they deemed “unverified” concerning, inter alia, the vile corruption of the man and family who would become the president.  The laptop that Joe Biden’s errant son dropped off for repair and never picked up had information on it which would have changed many minds.  Good folks would have either voted for Biden’s opponent or simply not voted at all.  A couple of serious studies have looked at this and confirmed it. 

The laptop exposed the long years and instances of pay-for-play by the then-Senator and later Vice President who has now become President Joe Biden.  The details concerning large sums of hard cash from the Chinese Communist government in exchange for “access” and of course, unmentioned, “influence” would have rightly soured the minds of many good Americans on the Bidens’ corruption and fraud. 

Yet, somehow, only one brave American newspaper, the venerable “New York Post,” had the guts to write about the laptop and its contents.  Had something similar turned up detailing nefarious activities concerning Biden’s opponent, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that the media, en masse, would not have blared it non-stop?  Why did they not do so here?  Who has this much influence over what we may know and what must be hidden from us hoi polloi?  Is it that the folks in Silicon Valley and at The New York Times and the major networks have better, more sophisticated brains and viewpoints than you or I?  Or that somehow, we are less able to stand the truth? 

Are the media big-shots online, in print, and on TV to rule on what we may learn and thus interpret and act on?  Did they have some collective expectation that goodies would fall their way by suffocating the truth – or that something sinister might befall them if they properly informed us voters? 

I have no idea as to the answers to these and so many related questions.  Do you?  Who does?  Will we be permitted to find out, ever?  Worse, what does this latest travesty bode for our future and that of our children?  How does this play against our shared American ideals? 

Well, I’m 83 years old this summer, and my time has come and mostly gone; yet I cannot help but wonder and worry about what we have allowed to happen to the truth.  This is not small beer.  Where and to whom can we turn for help and guidance and TRUTH if we can no longer trust the “big minds” in “The Valley” or media?

Old Frank                

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