by Tom Arnold, ©2021

Screenshot: WGN News

(Jan. 21, 2021) — Why? Our federal government is CORRUPT. You can’t tell me that Donald Trump did not EASILY defeat basement-bound Joe Biden in the recent 2020 presidential election. There was OVERWHELMING evidence of ELECTION FRAUD. The lawsuits of President Trump and his attorneys alleging the fraud were not given fair hearings. Most of the lawsuits were dismissed or denied without even allowing the evidence to be presented! Yes, there was a staggering amount of evidence of fraud. It consisted of sworn affidavits of witnesses under penalty of perjury, videos of unlawful handling and counting of voters’ ballots, and occurrences of unbelievable statistical improbabilities if not impossibilities. The courts, many of them, used their standard ridiculous excuse that the Petitioner (the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!) had “no standing.” They never even bothered to look at the evidence! Frankly, I fail to understand what is going on today in our supposed constitutional democratic republic. I do know, though, that it makes me extremely angry!

On second thought, I SUPPOSE I DO HAVE SOME IDEA about what is going on, and maybe YOU SHOULD,  TOO!  Consider the information contained in the below-referenced video from Sky News Australia.  If you do not watch and listen to it and consider it, then I say shame on you for your lack of intellectual, unbiased, and patriotic curiosity.

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