by Madam Shylock, ©2020

(Dec. 5, 2020) —  “Hello Stranger” (2:44)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Roving and Professor Zorkophsky are in Atlanta interviewing eyewitnesses to the voting fraud who don’t wish their identity exposed, for whatever reason. What o you say we give them a call to see how they’re doing?”

“Hello, Madam Shylock. Didn’t expect to hear from you today. Roving is off interviewing a judge who says he has never made a ruling unless preapproved by the Democratic Party of Georgia. Should come back with some pretty good stuff.”

“Yes, he should, and we’ll be looking forward to his report. So what are you working on?”

“Well, with me is Debra, a poll worker in Atlanta, who is going to spill the beans.”


“Pardon me?”

“You said that I was going to ‘spill the beans.’ That’s not right because I only have one bean to spill.”

“What bean would that be?”

“Well, at nine that night, the night of the election, they sent us home but not all of us left. They ushered us Republicans out but the Democrat poll-watchers remained behind, which was kind-of strange. Anyway, not far down the road there’s this truck stop that’s open 24-7, so a bunch of us went there for a late-night snack.”

“What did you order?”

“Cheeseburger with fries.”

“How was it?”

“Surprisingly good.”

“Would you go back?”

“Yes, I would, again and again: it was that good.”

“Thanks for the info. When Roving returns I’ll take him there for a treat. So after your delicious burger, what did you do?”

“I started to drive home and as I drove by my polling place I saw this 18-wheeler parked around back, so I pulled off in the gas station across the street. I used my phone to catch them off-loading these big boxes, the same boxes that the postal worker said were put in his trailer the other day on TV.”

“How many boxes did you see off-loaded?”

“I counted six, but then I wasn’t there when it arrived so I really don’t know. They used a forklift so they had to be heavy.”

“You got the video with you?”

“Right here. You can have it.”

“Thanks. Oh, by the way, did you see any police around?”

“Did I? Why, there were police everywhere; I mean, they were the ones who ushered us out. And then I saw them when those boxes were forklifted out. I was supposed to return to the polling place at eight the next morning but when I got there they wouldn’t let us in.”

“Who didn’t let you in, the police? Maybe they were closed.”

“No, they weren’t, because the same cars that were there the night before were still there.”

“So they counted through the night?”

“Apparently so, and without any poll-watchers to make sure they counted the ballots ‘correctly.’

“That’s your bean?”

“That’s my bean.”

“Okay; thank you very much for talking with us; a double thank-you for the video; and a big triple thank-you for the burger place info. Back to you, Madam Shylock.”

“Thank you, Zork. At this time we’ll break for a commercial; be right back; don’t go anywhere.”

Wishin’ and Hopin’” (2:57)

“I’m sorry, but we had to hang up on Zork so I can interview… who did you say you are?”

“I’m a Hollywood child star but I’m in demand to do commercials so I have to keep my identity a secret; I hope you understand.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t recall you in any commercial.”

“Oh, yes, but I haven’t had any speaking parts yet.”

“So what do you have to say?”

“About the election?”

“This past election; the last election.”

“I didn’t see anything but I do have a question.”

“Fair enough. What’s the question?”

“Where were all our police while the election was being corrupted? Where were the cops when votes arrived in the middle of the night after the Republican poll-watchers were sent home and locked out of the halls that counted the votes? I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to hear from one cop, just one, who witnessed the scam as it was going down. I don’t believe that not one of them saw anything. There’s so much evidence out there, for cryin’ out loud.”

“That’s a darn good question. Any ideas?”

“Yes, and you probably won’t like it.”

“Try me.”

“Very well. Even though it says on the side of squad cars, ‘To serve and protect,’ it doesn’t mean to serve and protect the taxpayer: it means to ‘serve and protect’ the mayor and the politicians who hold sway over law enforcement’s paychecks. Law enforcement’s connection to the Constitution is nonexistent: there is absolutely no fidelity of a policeman’s American flag on his or her uniform and our country. To be truthful, they should replace the American flag with the likeness of the mayor they serve, because they sure as heck don’t serve ‘the people.’ New York City’s finest should replace the American flag with the likeness of their boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio.”

“So what’s to be done?”

“I say hire Veterans but it’ll never happen, because Veterans wouldn’t stand around and watch statues toppled, businesses burned and people beat-up.”

“That is very telling, isn’t it?”

“I’m afraid so, but I’ve got one more thing to say before you run out of time: one would expect the president to be somebody to look up to, someone that a father could teach his son to emulate in life: be a principled person in having a moral foundation; God-fearing; and a believer in the Constitution and equal rights for all. Unfortunately, Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden does not fit the bill: no father would wish his child to grow up to be like Joe, not one. No father would want his child to grow up to be a liar.”

“Thank you and you’re right: we’ve run out of time and so I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight. Wait! I’ve got a call from the Chief. Yes, Chief?”

“Me go to Arizona reservation and go on warpath.”

“Good for you, Chief. Go get ’em and that’ll do it, folks: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

I Forgot to Remember to Forget” (2:28)

Madam Shylock

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