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(Oct. 1, 2020) — “Vienna Waltz” (2:20)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. We are proud to announce that the number of people who listen to our live broadcasts has reached the point where advertisers are taking notice; well, we have one and so here’s our first commercial. Now for those who are reading the transcript of the program, Molly, our secretary, will substitute a song.

Runaround Sue” (2:34)

“With us today is Miss Sandy Wolf, a respected economist at the university. Welcome to the show, Miss Wolf, and could you explain to the people about what Biden said the other night, that the Obama-Biden economy was growing the last year and a half of their administration?”

“No, I can’t because they weren’t.”

“Weren’t what?”

“Oh, you could say something was growing but it sure wasn’t the economy; no, sirree: it was the number of people on Food Stamps, is what. The economy was tanking as more and more businesses left for China and, inversely proportional, as more jobs left, the more money in the Democrats’ campaign coffers and, I might add, RINOs’, too.”

“So the Obama-Biden Administration sold us out for money? Is that what you’re suggesting?”

“Rule number one, Roving, is always ‘Follow the money.’ You see, in Trump’s case, he can’t be bought: go ahead and wave a million in his face; wave ten million. Not enough? Then let’s make it an even 100 million and he still won’t take it. He can’t be bought; it’s as simple as that. He loves his country more than selling-out his country, as Obama and Biden clearly have done.”

“Yes, and I’m sure our listeners all agree. Thank you for being on the show and we’ll break for a commercial now.”

St Louis Blues” (2:52)

“At this time it gives me great honor to present to you our favorite Ambassador, Henry, reporting from the pond down there in Cassadaga, Florida. Hello, Henry; how are you?”

“I am fine; how are you?”

“I am also fine. Let me ask you about the Trump-Biden debate; what did you think of it?”

“I loved it because every time Biden spoke he lied. Zork – that would be Professor Zorkophsky – let me borrow his Truth Indicator that blinks red when it detects a lie, and every time Joe spoke it flashed red, so much so that whenever it detected Joe’s speech pattern it automatically turned the red light on.”

“Does it also work on phones?”

“Oh, are you sneaky; yes, it does, and I have it hooked up to the phone and you’re all green. Tell me a lie and let’s see if it’ll flash red.”

“I voted for Hillary.”

“Red, really red. Good test.”

“Zork will be pleased, I’m sure. So, Henry, what’s your take on the debate?”

pixel2013, Pixabay, License

“You people construct walls with a roof that you call a house, or building, on the surface of your planet. In order not to be surrounded by mud in the winter, you plant grass that you cut in the summer so you don’t have snakes. It’s all very straightforward and logical. But some of you Americans seem to want a form of government that guarantees a reduction of freedoms and bread lines, which is not logical at all.”

“It’s just as much a mystery to us as it is to you.”

“Here’s the thing: every time Biden or Harris says something, it’s a lie. They have no platform except to promise higher taxes that the ruling class will use to eliminate the middle class. They want to bulldoze single-family dwellings in suburbia to be replaced with concrete apartments, as what has happened in other socialist countries. Which reminds me of the Three Gorges Dam.”

“How so?”

“They forced people who lived in houses into apartments. They forced them to abandon their livestock and cottage industries; they made them wards of the State. Besides, China is, by far, the biggest polluter of the air and the ocean, followed by India.”

“And? What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that China will not spend money for clean air and water if it slows-down their conquest of the West in any way, that’s all. Joe Biden is their man, all bought and paid for by China. A vote for Biden is an invitation for China to take over America; it is that clear, even to the most die-hard left-wing loony if they would take the tie and make the effort to think about it.”

“Which they won’t.”

“Not unless they’re told to. They are being told that Charter Schools are bad; that learning the history of our country is bad; that being a white male is bad. And they buy into the hype because not to would interfere with their Trump Derangement Syndrome in some way, like it would cure them.”

“Okay, Henry, that’s all very good and thank you for talking with us. Say hi to the gang for us. One last parting thought: this election is a choice between the CCP and the Constitution; it’s that clear and that simple. That’ll do it for this episode of ‘Pulse,’ so I’ll be saying goodnight to you all: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

China Girl” (4:05)


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