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September 22, 2020


Dear Editor,

So, the majority of Victorians are backing Daniel Andrews’ business- (and thus employment-) destroying, so ineptly and corruptly- handled Covid-19 lockdown?

Fact: like Andrews himself, the vast majority of the Andrews-approving majority are not in the majority of Victoria’s wealth producers/sustainers, being put out of business by public-purse-employed Daniel Andrews! Andrews is not among Victoria’s wealth producers, losing their “put-up-as-collateral” homes and life’s works – the likes of small to medium and large privately-owned  businesses employing more that 50% of Victoria’s workforce!

We are “at war” with Covid-19, and in every war to be won there are casualties! And if the likes of those in our mid-seventies such as my wife and me must be casualties, so be it!

But, bet your life the likes of Daniel Andrews and his many well-heeled supporters, who are directly or indirectly living off the taxpayer, won’t be casualties!

Yes, lives are important; however, the healthy life of Australia’s economy (and thus survival in this increasingly hostile world) is in the long run far, far  more important!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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