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by Cheryl Lacey, ©2020


(Jun. 29, 2020) — Like him or not, President Trump has not wavered from his commitment: America First.

His determination to build a wall to keep illegal aliens out was scorned by many. Today, COVID-19 has people around the world living behind designated walls – whether physical or conceptual. Leaders of most countries today are acting just as President Trump has always done. They are protecting their borders and doing everything possible to put their own people first.

On the one hand, Australia is blessed. Its borders are clearly defined where the land meets the sea. On the other hand, it is the most divided country on earth. Australia’s population of almost 26 million is spread throughout its 6 States and 2 Territories, and families live in regions, shires and suburbs. And then there are the country’s 500 nations, whose regional boundaries are determined by an aboriginal method based on watersheds.

Australia, however, is not divided by borders, but by confusion. Black lives matter. So does every other life. Speaking out matters. Speaking out respectfully matters even more. Being in it together matters. Coming together matters more. Listening to a leader is important. Understanding your country’s leader is imperative.

Life is tough. Families are experiencing challenges like never before. In times of crisis, leadership is critical, but power must be tempered by responsibility. And trust must not be compromised by misunderstanding and confusion.

Like him or not, President Trump has not wavered from his commitment: America First. Australians must have the same resolve.

Family matters. The Australian family matters even more.

Cheryl Lacey
Rational Education Strategist
Suite 252
189 Queen St
Melbourne Vic
Australia 3000

Cheryl Lacey is author of Marching Schools Forward:  Discussions on the direction of Australian education.

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  1. President Trump is following through on his campaign promises, the things We the People elected him to do, unlike the typical ruling political class who make promises to get elected then promptly forget everything they promised and go about doing the opposite of what they said they would do. The deep state traitors, both dem and repub, couldn’t care less about We the People or the nation. They only care about personal power (control over citizens) and wealth