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May 11, 2020

Dear Editor,

Much revered in the U.S., former Australian PM John Howard is only surpassed as the ultimate political “Automatic Pragmatic” by current American President Donald Trump because, just like John Howard, Donald Trump has – in many respects – mastered the “Art of Persuasion”!

Sure, Donald Trump (unlike John Howard) is in many respects an unsavoury, cavalier character; however, in so many respects, Trump is a political genius. And yes, Kim Jung-on is a heinous despot heading up an erratic, murderous regime now armed with nuclear weapons capable of being launched against American (and Australian) cities!

Now digressing (but very relevant), Trump is thumping his G7 allies because their subsidies against and tariffs on American manufacturing goods hurt everyday Americans’ employment/standards of living.  Trump, just like John Howard, realises just what the “clever people,” “chaff-head celeb set” and other assorted “glitterati gladiator” intellectual elites do not: that not everybody is biologically and/or temperamentally suited to tertiary education and therefore able to earn a living in the “new economies” continuously touted by the “clever people” as the best thing since sliced bread for every American’s (and Australian’s) futures.

So back to Trump courting Kim Jung-on, who has been “trumped” by Trump (despite the clever people and Trump-haters saying China is pulling all the strings in the background) continuing to impose crippling sanctions against North Korea while demonstrating to the world he will go the whole hog, privately warning China, Russia and Iran not to help Kim Jung-on.  Trump’s strategy is forcing Kim to save face by doing a deal with Trump before Kim loses much, much more than face in a more and more desperate North Korea!

Therefore I contend a desperate (no matter what Putin promises) Kim Jung-on will put his trust in Trump in order to survive. And to Trump, with such trust there is respect; with respect there are values. Without values there is nothing! Donald Trump has spent his life investing in (thus, valuing) a nation he now leads. He trusts, respects and values freedom, and his stance is gathering traction…worldwide.


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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