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(Apr. 29, 2020) — You may think that, as a nurse, you can only do your work in certain situations – such as at a hospital, or maybe in a doctor’s office or at a specialist healthcare facility. However, those are not the only institutions that someone with a nursing qualification can carry out their duties.

If you are thinking of having a career within the nursing profession, but you have been reluctant to go for it because of where you might end up working, then do not be. There is a vast range of places where you can use your skills and qualifications as a nurse where you can help many different groups. This could even include those people who you might not encounter regularly if you do practice at a hospital or other healthcare facility, for instance.

The areas listed here are only some of the alternative workplaces and roles you could operate within as a nurse. So whether you’re entering the profession, or you’re a nurse who’s looking for something a bit different as you consider the next few months and years of your career, these positions and areas might inspire you to consider the nursing profession in a different light.

Schools and camps

If you like working with children, then becoming a school nurse may be an excellent role for you. You will also get to enjoy the benefits of working within education facilities as a school nurse, too – such as lengthy vacation times and summers off.

You will have a critical role in ensuring the children in your institution are healthy and safe on the premises if you become a school nurse: something that each parent and guardian will want to know. You will typically only provide basic care, such as administering daily medication and giving first aid for minor injuries. So, while this position may be less stressful than others in the nursing profession, the role you have will still be an important one.

As with schools, nurses at children’s camps will need to make sure that minor injuries and illnesses are taken care of. Yet you still get the opportunity to affect patients positively and, since this means you will work only in the summer, this gives you an activity to carry out during these months.


One of your primary responsibilities as a nurse educator will be to teach nurses who will end up being at the forefront of the next wave of patient care – and you can influence this new generation. You will tutor future nurses and teach them advanced training techniques based on your own clinical experience. With a nursing shortage, there is a huge demand for professionals to instruct the next entrants of this great occupation.

Law firms

A legal nurse consultant helps to build a bridge between the legal and medical worlds. That is because lawyers will not always understand the medical jargon, while doctors may not know specific legal phrases – which can then lead to miscommunication. So, a legal nurse consultant will be in the middle and clarify information, avoiding misunderstandings that could then become legal complications.

Your work opportunities can depend on your preferences: so, you can either work with a law firm, a corporation or even as a freelancer. Yet you will need to have a nursing license plus a degree in nursing and be certified as a legal nurse consultant with a national organization for you to hold such a position.

Occupational health

Those nurses who work within these roles will help companies and corporations to improve their employees’ safety. This can include creating and maintaining protocols and programs in an office setting, with your primary goal to identify potential risks to staff and to take measures to increase safety.

Your responsibilities as an occupational health nurse will vary from brand to brand, but many will need you to work in risk reduction, hazard detection and case management. The exact role will be determined by the business and the types of risks within that environment.

Occupational health nurses will need a license to practice nursing in their state to work. You might wish to advance your career in this area and, if you do, then you may want to get a nursing degree – one way you can do this while staying at home is to apply for accelerated nursing programs online.

Public health

Public health nurses are hired by several communities, including colleges plus government authorities at national, state and local levels. There is a great variety available in this role, too – ranging from giving medications at schools, providing tests for certain conditions, to educating student groups on their health. You might also need to give vaccines, screen for various disorders, and work in public health offices to provide education on infectious diseases. Being in the public health sector means you use your nursing skills in a rewarding way to boost the health of communities.


Forensic nurse consultants will work for law enforcement agencies and, occasionally, for criminal attorneys – yet you will need to have experience of working in a hospital and gain additional certification for this role. You will be required to collect evidence and provide testimony, plus use your legal skills and identify injuries.

There are several areas you can work in, and what you do could make the difference when it comes to medical evidence. These fields could include:

  • Abuse and neglect
  • Assault
  • Corrections
  • Death investigations
  • Domestic violence
  • Mass disasters

Nurse health coaches

Nurses within this role will help people to choose a healthy lifestyle by educating them about wellness and will be either licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. Such coaches will guide patients in making the correct choices, which can lead to fewer illness complications and hospitalizations – plus a better level of wellness.

A nurse health coach may be employed by insurance companies or larger corporations, too. The latter of these institutions might want a nurse coach to help empower their staff to make healthier choices, so they can reduce medical expenses for them.

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