Bugger-off, Brussels (and UN “Glitterati Queen” Angelina Jolie)!


December 21, 2019

Photo: Gellinger at Pixabay

Dear Editor,

So, some UN Brussels cocooned, unelected (by Australian citizens) rent-seekers are criticising Australia’s economy and life-saving coal-fired electricity production with our handling of Mother Nature’s ever-changing disposition? And the same overfed UN layabouts are also criticising Australia’s so-proven prevention of illegal immigration and our ever-so-generous refugee program?

Well, now; let’s hope “Glitterati Queen” UN refugee agency ambassador Angelina Jolie starts with the UN itself – as Jolie reckons worldwide violence and conflict will cease only when women have equality! Well, hello, there, Ms Jolie! The sanctimonious UN has appointed some of the world’s most despotic and totalitarian nations (truly treating women in the most degrading/subjugating ways) to chair UN Human Rights Committees!

And, Ms Jolie, your work in Africa will have shown you that the lioness is the most magnificent female in the animal world, hunting for and defending the pride’s cubs and the great maned…male!

Why must the lioness do most of the hunting for the great maned male?

Because, Ms Jolie, it is the all-powerful, great maned male lion which must always seek out and kill the lioness’s, and thus, her cubs’, most terrifying, life-threatening enemy: the hyena pack’s most awesomely death-dealing leader, which is always the most dominantly cruel…alpha female!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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