August 2, 2019

What did the Founding Fathers know — from experience?

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Watching the “debates” over the past couple of evenings, one is despaired to wonder, “Where is wisdom?”  Why has it been abandoned for “flash and bang?”

The Framers were on to something when they prescribed the qualifications for the president.  They set out that he (or she maybe someday) must be at least 35 years old.  Of course in those days, near the end of the 18th century, a person’s life expectancy was about 45 years.  Wisdom is usually associated with those in their later years.  Of course, not everyone who is older is necessarily wise.  But, wisdom is seldom (if ever) associated with the young.  And for the most part, Americans have most often elected presidents aged in their 50s and 60s.

In the military, one comes in contact with some really bright young officers – some from the top of their classes at the academies.  But, no matter how smart they are, they are never raised to positions of great authority (made general or admiral) until years later when they had proven themselves mature and experienced, as well as highly competent.  No serious nation would place the reins of its military in the hands of someone untested over time.  There was only one Alexander the Great in history.  He did unbelievably great things while very young and flamed out in his early 30s.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, age 38, did a good job of deconstructing some of Kamala Harris’s myths and seems to be pretty smart.  But wise?  I’m not convinced.   I’m not picking on Tulsi.  Beto and some of the others in the debates are also relatively young and inexperienced.

Success in trying situations cannot be gotten from books.  It has to be experienced and lived.  Decisions are not always easy and good ones are not always popular.  Success does not depend on popularity – which is fleeting – but on results over time.  And, time on the job, in tough jobs, usually involves making an occasional error or misjudging or misapplying the facts that were known at the time.  That sort of more negative experience adds to wisdom also.

My point is, many folks seem inclined to write off the more seasoned citizens in the race for 2020.  Is such inclination “wise?”

Old Frank

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  1. The criminals who overthrew the government are using a private bank’s devaluing, mathematically guaranteed to fail debt note as ‘legal tender’, in direct violation of the Constitutionally defined tender, where the only entry point of the debt note into circulation is from a bank where the private banker’s are owed and get the interest on something printed out of thin air, while the only way to participate in that scheme as a bank is pay the private owner’s of the debt notes in the very material that is require to make the constitutional tender. This debt note is mathematically guaranteed to fail because principal plus interest, which is owed to the iwners of the currency is greater than principal and only principal went into circulation -which means this ‘tender’ is by it’s design a debasing currency – which is why prices have continued to rise ever since the Federal System completed its domestic take over in 1933 and increased sharply after final death (by presidential decree) of the real dollar in 1971. Debasing of a currency has always been a death penalty offense in every country in the history of the world including the US. You want to hear real wisdom? This fact that this fraudulent transfer of wealth has been institutionalized by persons whom have taken an oath to the US constitution and are paid in the unconstitutional debasing tender means EVERY government worker in the US is constantly committing a death penalty offense capital crime. Every ‘judge’ sending people to prison is committing a death penalty WHILE JUDGING THEM.

    People have fallen so far from the law they don’t even know what voting actually is in terms law – almost no one realizes that within the rules of court and our current black box ‘voting’ technique it is impossible to prove in a court of law that anyone was ever elected in our local, state or congressional elections.

    The normalcy bias has moved so far from the law into baseless and lawless opinions that almost no one even comprehends how failed we already are -TOTAL FAILURE.

    This is true wisdom. The US is a totally failed state, devolved into empire and now in a state insane decadence on the level of the Roman empire in its final years. The people have failed, those smart people you speak of in the military are actually criminals – capital criminals. Wisdom dictates that justice MUST be served and the law upheld IF law and order are to be maintained but justice will not be served. The criminals will point to the rulings of other criminals who were already in breach to justify their crimes or to say I am wrong but I am not wrong. Every government worker is committing death penalty criminal offenses every working second of every working day. Justice will not be served, tyranny will expand until the complete destruction of everything good. Until our grand juries indict or issue presents, appoint special judges and prosecutors to preside over the criminal trials of every government worker their will be no wisdom, nothing will get better, more insane politics, more laws, higher prices, higher taxes, decline in standard of living all the way to communism and mass death camps run by the criminals no one will bring to justice. It is the manifestation of God’s wrath upon us for not upholding the law. True wisdom – there is no getting away with anything.