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by Robert Laity, ©2019

(Jul. 30, 2019) — [Editor’s Note:  The following was sent by email to Fox News reporters Bret Baier, Catherine Herridge, John Roberts, officials at the Republican Party, and other parties.]


Baier, et al,

Both John McCain and Barack Obama were ineligible to be President. Because Obama seemingly got away with it, Cruz was encouraged saying “If Obama can do it so can I”.  Jindal and Rubio followed. Now Harris and Gabbard.  DOES Fox news CARE about Art.II and it’s provision designed to promote our national security?   NONE of the people above-mentioned are “Natural Born Citizens”.

An NBC is one born IN the U.S. to parents who are both U.S. Citizens themselves.

A President MUST be born IN the U.S. and NOT an unincorporated territory. IN ADDITION, BOTH Parents of said President MUST have been U.S. Citizens themselves.

“There is no ‘President’ Obama”:


See also my book “Imposters in the Oval Office” – iUniverse Publishing ©2017

Read a (6) page excerpt here”


Robert C. Laity
Founding President
Society for the Preservation
of our American Republic

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  1. Thanks For Responding Back Robert! Hard To Believe Twitter Can Be Blatently Obvious In Their Behavior Toward Conservativism And Truth To Bow To PC. Our Thoughts On Islam Are Synonymous! Every Time I See Someone Say Or Pen “Radical Islam” I Chuckle And Wait For Them To Follow Up With “But Then I Repeat Myself”!

  2. Ron, I am permanently banned from Twitter for being an outspoken critic of Islam. I believe Islam, which is inextricable with sharia law, is not a religion and is not protected by the Constitution. Islam does not recognize Freedom and forces everyone under it’s authority to be Muslim or pay a tax to be left alone (Extortion under threat of harm). Islam is a system of oppression and tyranny operating under color of religion. Sharia Law is “Repugnant to the Constitution” and is therefore unconstitutional. “A[ny] Law that is repugnant to the Constitution is void”- Marbury v Madison, USSCt. (1803). “Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it themselves”-Abraham Lincoln. I wish you well also. Continue the good fight. I have found a haven of truth here on the P&E. Sharon is a fine upstanding American Patriot. I am truly grateful to have the P&E available to me and others, so that we can all speak truth to power. Long live Sharon Rondeau and the P&E. God Bless America and keep the USA in his eternal care.

  3. Good To See Something From You In Print! Miss Our Exchanges @RobertCLaity And In Spite Of Numerous Requests, Twitter Will Not Respond As To Why You Were Suspended! The Progressives Will Stop At Nothing To Suppress TRUTH!

    Our Group Continues To Fight The Good Fight On Twitter, And Wish You Well!