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(Jul. 24, 2019) — Many believe that any charity that a person provides should be anonymous. And in this case, it gets more value. A person who helps another and needs to get gratitude in any manifestations, cannot be judged correctly. Back in the Bible, the foundations of mutual aid were laid, which are neglected today. Moreover, sometimes, it can be dangerous to make public donations. Therefore, according to bestvpnrating.com, different VPN services should be used in order to protect your privacy.

Charity or PR?

Today you can often hear that somewhere great patrons saved the life of a child or helped people who suffered from weather disasters to restore housing. All this is undoubtedly very good, but just to the moment when one does not begin to make a show of it.

After all, by and large, a person does not care who helped him in his grief and how. Awareness and gratitude come after. And if a person knows how to be grateful, he or she will find a way to tell the excellent person the right words of appreciation. But this should never be expected at least because it is impolite and self-serving.

Against the background of such hype, there are third parties who really live in order to help other people. Of course, not everyone likes this position. And then, in order to eliminate such inconvenient noble elements, the black methods go into action. Some people may try to spoil the reputation of charitable foundations and philanthropists. Therefore, donations should be safe and anonymous. VPN services are the best helpers in this manner.

Who is convenient?

Answering this question, it is worth thinking and looking around. You will not search for the right answer for a long time. First of all, those people who like to splurge by pretending to be real benefactors are interested in eliminating genuine donators from the field of vision. There are such persons both among politicians, public figures and among the oligarchic elite.

And no matter how the real benefactors try to prove that the funds transferred go exclusively to the needs of people requiring help, there will always be people who will repeat the opposite.

Pineapple Fund example


The Pineapple Fund was organized by a BTC investor, who bought many cryptocurrency currencies for just a few dollars. In January 2017, a post appeared on Reddit that an anonymous donated 5057 BTC to charity and represents this foundation.

So far, Pineapple Fund:

Donated $ 1 million to Watsi, impressive technology innovation for building charities to fund health care.

Donated $ 1 million to the Water project, a charitable foundation that provides water projects to people in Africa.

Donated 1 million to EFF, protecting the rights and privacy of Internet users

Donated $ 500,000 to BitGive Foundation, which uses Bitcoin and blockchain technology for global philanthropy.

As we can see, by making anonymous transactions, this person stays safe and still doing his or her good deeds. Therefore, if you are a UK citizen, it is smart to follow his example and use the best VPN services for anonymous donations.

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