Second Careers for Lawyers: 10 Options to Consider


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(Jun. 17, 2019) — Are you tired of working in a law firm, but not quite ready to retire? Check out this guide to second careers for lawyers to get started.

Below are the 10 Options to Consider if you don’t want to be a lawyer.

  1. Politics

There are 2 main career options that deal with politics available to lawyers. They include:


This is the default plan B career for most lawyers. You can transit to the political arena without difficulty. All you need is to apply specific knowledge and skills.

As a lawyer, you already possess vast knowledge of the legal systems. Your experience in governance issues gives you an upper hand as you transition to politics.

Also, most legal professionals tend to be good at communication. The ability to express yourself in a convincing tone should never go to waste.

Political Analyst

Lawyers have a firm grasp of the law and its application. Newsrooms, businesses among other entities require an analysis of the prevailing issues and how they affect them.

As most of these issues are legal in nature, one can help deduce the various outcomes.

These skills, plus the right network of people, can make a successful political analyst out of a lawyer. You can also start a career as a political analyst. Most political analysts are lawyers, or they were at some point.

This will need you to be up to speed on legal proceedings and bills. You might as well get a segment that focuses on controversial cases.

  1. Content Writer

If you don’t find this a lonely path, content writing is an exciting career to venture into. Given that as a lawyer, you have read tons of books, it would clear your head to have some writing space.

As a content writer, you get to choose from a wide range of topics. You could do advertising and marketing to promote certain products.

Writing topical issues on legal matters can be a great way to showcase your experience. Pick one of your innate passions and direct your language skills there.

You are likely to prosper here because of the professional experience tone in your writing.

  1. HR Recruiter

The recruitment industry is always on the look-out for smart commercial professionals.

There are no demands for one to pursue this career. You can offer recruitment insights.

The analytical skills would be helpful in recruitment processes.

Working as a commercial recruiter means that you get paid based on the hours worked. One maintains a flexible schedule while managing their financials without much straining.

  1. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate is one of the emerging industries in growing economies. This lucrative space is in demand for legal and property experts to offer their services.

As a lawyer, the contractual knowledge of property holdings makes you suitable. You can work as an independent expert broker. Or, you can work under a real estate developer where you get paid by the company.

Either way, you stand out among other brokers. Integrating legal counsel in your brokerage will attract more clients to you. Soon enough, you will be a thriving real estate broker.

  1. Finance

There is a wide range of jobs in the finance field that are also suitable for lawyers.

The overarching role of a law firm practice is to defend their clients’ interest. This is the same skill that is required for one to offer financial services.

You can work as a financial advisor to individual and corporate clients. You will apply critical listening to offer the best finance solutions to the client.

You can also step into the finance field as an insurance agent, auditor, or a financial analyst. The analytical skills will enable you to offer the best services in each of these capacities.

  1. Journalism

Lawyers experience work burn-out because of the suffocating nature of their work. Actually, most lawyers feel confined in their offices.

There are no fun-moments and time to explore the outside world. Due to this, you can consider journalism as a career. This is a different type of work environment that allows one to be outgoing.

Journalism entails travel, meeting different people and a new experience each day. What you need is to apply to a media house.

Demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the legal field. There are chances that you will be hired to report on the fast-changing laws.

  1. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing suits you if you are seeking to work from home or without having to report to work every day. All you need for this career is marketing skills.

You also need to know how to push content through digital platforms. There is a wide variety of courses that teach these skills online.

As well, tutorials go a long way in educating on the dos and don’ts for this space. If you are creative, then this will be the place for you to shine.

  1. Academia

Professors of Law identify as Lawyers, even though the two are different. Having spent so many years practicing law, it would be generous to share the knowledge.

An ex-lawyer can start tutelage for upcoming lawyers. You can instruct paralegals and guide them on how to go through the cases.

If you are determined enough, you can as well get certified as a professor. You can take up research and lecture in your particular area of practice.

  1. Public Relations

Communications play a central role in building reputations. This entails communicating to the public, responding to allegations and managing how brand messages are disseminated. With the experience of a lawyer, this can be an opportunity to tap into.

Lawyers are quick to analyze situations and eloquent at communication. Taking up a career as a PR professional means you use your research skills to communicate clearly and concisely. These skills will steer you to build brands and remedy damaged company reputations.

Since you are already playful with words, this will definitely be a smooth sail for you.

  1. Project Manager

Project management is a future career that someone leaving the law can consider. The typical roles of a project manager include planning, management, and problem-solving.

While stepping out of the law, one has most likely picked organizational skills. The huge amounts of work demand planning and procedural operations. Well, the same skill applies to a project manager.

Besides, lawyers make project managers because they are natural problem-solvers. Also, consider that this is a versatile career.

Projects differ scope, nature, and complexity. This way, projects present challenging scenarios that will keep you grounded.

Second Careers for Lawyers

The above second careers for lawyers show that there are unlimited possibilities for graduates. While the market may be saturated with lawyers, you can stand out by venturing into a different field.

Stand out from the crowd.

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