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by Viv Forbes, ©2019, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club

Photo credit:  Natalia_Kollegova at Pixabay

(May 6, 2019) — If human use of coal and oil is causing the Modern Warming, what caused the Minoan Warming, the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming, all of which were warmer than today?

Every warm era was followed by a mini-ice age – a time of blizzards, iced rivers, starving stock, failed crops and hungry humans.

Only fools would try to kill the warmth by reducing aerial CO2 plant food.

And only idiots would destroy their reliable electricity supply in this futile crusade.

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Viv Forbes
Washpool Qld 4306 Australia

Viv Forbes is not a member of any political party, and has no vested interests in mining or energy enterprises. He and his wife breed meat sheep and have roof-top solar panels and a diesel generator in the shed.

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