November 25, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Every summer, and sometimes twice a year, my lovely better half and I travel to Athens where we still have a nice flat.  We enjoy our few weeks away but are always really glad to get back home to the USA.  We fly Lufthansa, which is a superior airline, but means changing planes somewhere in Germany coming and going.

Every step along the way, there are security and customs and immigration checks.   For us non-EU folks, there is usually a long line for us to wait in to get our passports stamped, authorizing our entry into Europe and on leaving — noting our exit.  I guess the rules are pretty strict because there are always stalwart-looking, armed guards in and around such international airports.

Before we can leave the US, we have to be checked and rechecked — passports; visas, if needed, and then by the good old TSA.  My dearest has a metal implant, so we are careful about her getting radiation.  She therefore has the “pleasure” of being “felt up” by a female TSA agent, to make sure –  in our eighth decade – that neither she nor I is carrying any dangerous items, contraband, etc., even though as old-timers we still dress nicely – me in suit and tie and she in gorgeous, stylish comfortable travel suit and slacks.  But, before we can get to the flight lounge, we must remove all our outerwear, our shoes, empty our pockets, remove all metal devices – including watches and change – and then raise our arms and be “wanded,” or walk through the metal detector and then be wanded….  Before we can dress back up and proceed to await our flight.

On return, there is a long line for re-entry, we must show our passports, report our arrival airline and flight number, and so on.  Then we await our baggage and have to go through Customs, where we might be checked – or not.

OK?  You’ve probably gone through this routine also.  Now think a minute about our southern border and the thousands of “poor indigents” from Central America, purportedly seeking asylum, but more correctly looking for a better life – beginning with the dole, and free medical care and maybe even an anchor baby.  Some of them are actually waving their national flags.  Thousands of them are refusing “asylum” in Mexico, where Spanish is spoken, insisting on getting the more generous “freebies” offered by the gracious dolts in the U.S. (AKA, you and me).

No “wanding,” no passport check, no shoe removal, no pat-down, no flight information, no health checks, no shot record checks, no drug checks or contraband checks, nor criminal background investigation — not even a tattoo check to see how many of the young male “asylum-seekers” are members of MS-13.  Hell, let ‘em all in!.   The U.N. says we must, as does a federal “Judge” on the 9th Circuit.  (Where else!)

Now, why in the heck must my 80+-year-old frame and that of my Dearest be inspected and re-inspected – and in her case “felt up” – to leave the nation of our citizenship, where we pay substantial recurring taxes – and return to get checked thoroughly yet again – when all we needed to do was fly to Mexico City and join a caravan, where no real checks for health, shots, contraband, criminal records, etc, are ever made?

Oh, forgive me; perhaps I am suffering from cognitive dissidence – the reality is too far beyond my ken….  I need a Democrat congressman or senator or UN official or 9th Circuit Court judge to explain all this to me, and how it is good for my country…..

Old Frank

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