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(Nov. 22, 2018) — It is common for children to have their own cell phones now. It is often necessary for them to stay in touch with their parents when they stay for after-school activities and go to friends’ houses. With an increase in families with two working parents, kids are often alone more than they were in the past. Parents still feel the need,  however, to keep the children safe. Cell phones can be used to call parents or other family members for help. They can also be used to make emergency calls. When unknown numbers begin to show up on your child’s phone, however, it is necessary to find out who is contacting your child.

Personal Numbers

When you initiate a reverse phone lookup, several types of information may show up. You may get a complete name of the person that owns the phone if it is a personal number. You may also be notified if the line is for personal or business use. If a person you do not know is contacting your child, you need to find out more about the caller. Once you have a name, you may need to do a more invasive online search to find out who they are. You can also answer the phone the next time they call and tell them to stop calling the number, send a text message, or block the number altogether. Make sure your child knows they should never answer a call from a number they do not recognize.

Business Calls

There are times when solicitors, political representatives, or bill collectors call repeatedly. These numbers often show up with area codes that are not anywhere near you. Take the time to complete the phone lookup so you can verify what type of call is coming through. You may get the name of the business or a solicitor warning. When you get a new phone number, you may get calls for the person that had the phone before you. This can be frustrating when it is your child’s phone. You can call the numbers back once you find out who they are. Explain the situation and ask to be removed from the calling list. If the calls are numerous or bothersome, you may need to get a new phone number.

The Mystery Caller

There are times when you may only get vague information from your reverse phone search. This information, however, can still help you decide on what to do. The search may inform you that the call is coming from a cell phone or landline. You can often assume that a cell phone is a personal call. You may need to intervene with these calls or block them. You may also get a warning that states there is a high risk of telemarketing in relation to a certain number. Call the number to be removed from their calling list or block them. You can usually get enough information to help you handle the situation.

Take the time to check your child’s phone call history often. You may not be around when these unknown calls are coming through. Check for voicemails, as well. If someone has the wrong number, you can easily call and correct the caller. Children can be targeted by dishonest people. Protect your children with a proper reverse phone lookup.

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