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by Ben Russel, ©2017

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(Apr. 30, 2017) — In a world of autocorrect and spellcheck we tend to discount the power of good grammar in our writing. However, these frequently used tools may not be the ones that actually check our grammar and improve our writing. Today, we look at four tools that can truly help improve our writing ability and a review of those tools we use on a daily basis. And since there is such a vast world of systems to type on these days, we are going to focus on the computer. It is important to note, however, that as we adapt this “SMS SLANG” or “texting” in our writing, it seems to have a correlation with the accelerated use of these commonly known grammar tools. Since every day the use of these tools is growing exponentially it is only appropriate that we review some of the top tools and see how they stack up.

1. Grammarly

Coming in first on our list is the commonly known website and software Grammarly. Top ranked among its peers, Grammarly is a software designed to fit into any web browser as well as downloadable to your PC or Mac. Not only does this software rank number 1 in ease of use with just one or two clicks for installation, but it also offers a free version with only the request of an online profile. This website can be used in two different ways: you can upload your document to your profile for grammar checking or you could use the extension that plugs right into your web browser. However, if you want the ultimate benefits of this product Grammarly offers a premium version starting at only $11.99 a month for a yearly plan. If you are writing a 500-word essay, for instance, an article, blog or any other paper that could use assistance in writing, I would highly suggest checking out this incredible tool!

2. Ginger Grammar Checker

Although this website does not come in first for its overall appearance and clarity, Ginger Software offers the user the same ability to download the program to any PC or Mac as well as online proofreading as an extension of ONLY Chrome© or Safari©. Ginger Software seems to target the business customer base more than the ‘at home user’, but has had more breakthrough when it comes to the Android market and the phone market. Of course, this software also offers the user the unlimited experience starting just above its competitors at a standard price of $12.48 per month on an annual contract. But, unlike most of its competitors, Gingerly Software offers a Student Discount starting at only $7.49 a month for an annual plan. If you are a student trying to get the most out of your writing, this is the software for you!

3. After the Deadline

So, let’s break this site and program down. First off, the website is not user friendly or aesthetically pleasing, but the software does offer most of the features our top two competitors do. The benefits of this program are that the entire software is free and will download straight to your PC or MAC, as well as your web browser. However, it is not shown if there are limitations on the browser. One other feature I did see on the front page of the website is the program’s ability to be used as an add-on/extension in WordPress.com. I have yet to see this feature listed on the other two competitors. If you do not mind the clutter of the website and are looking for a free program with the benefits of the WordPress extension, this one I would recommend for all you bloggers out there!

4. SpellChecker.net

Now, what this program or lack thereof, falls short when it comes to software and service it makes up for in its ease of use and simplistic design. SpellChecker.net does not have a downloadable software or add-on extension for your web browser, but what it does have is a simply to use set up that allows any user for no charge to type in their work and get a basic or advanced grammar check that can be corrected and copied back to your original document. If you are asking yourself why this website makes the list of tools when being ranked among these great types of software? Well, truth be told, there is beauty in simplicity. If you want to do a quick, free check of your work and do not have time to download software or start accounts, this is the site for you.

In conclusion, there are many programs and websites available on the internet to improve your writing and grammar. Do not let yourself fall short on your grammar due to the ease of texting and the trap of the “SMS Slang” world. Any of these four programs can help improve any article you may be working on and can dramatically improve the person many “read” you to be. No matter what level of writer you consider yourself, check out the top four grammar tools reviewed above and bring your writing to the next level!


Ben Russel is a full-time writer sharing his knowledge on topics related to education and business; his degrees are in Education and Psychology.

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