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(Mar. 25, 2017) — Forgetting JUSTICE is the Recipe for FAILURE – Chopping Block v. Tight Collar – Trump’s Poor Salesmanship Selling Obama…Care

Trump Exposed

REPAIRING & RESTORING OBAMACARE is essentially what President Trump has done in his failed and now infamous No-Name Repeal & Replace pulled before being even out on parole. The strategy for Democrats shouldn’t be on how to doom Trump, but to simply stand aside and let him break every campaign promise that comes close to 1/5 of the national debt.

Forgetting JUSTICE- Quick Recipe for Failure?

Of course the Affordable Care Act – ACA is unknown to the Citizenry; they were sold Obamacare. I have never witnessed in my lifetime nor did I ever imagine President Trump as well the GOP Majority would be such horrible salespeople on the campaign promise of “Repeal & Replace.”

A ‘ruse’ is an action designed to deceive or to trick – it’s a tactic. Fundamentally the Republicans are geniuses at it. Take the Patriot Act, for instance, garnered with thoughts of Americanism. True to the Red, White, and Blue’s Freedoms and Liberties, the Patriot Act opened the door to everything that violates trust between the people and the government. Of course some would argue during wartime that would essentially be necessary and citizens’ rights in a state of war are severely suspended in martial law.

The point is Republicans did not even name their version of the Repeal & Replacement of Obamacare. Are we surprised that it was pulled without the Republican votes to push it through? How did President Trump sell this hybrid of Obamacare? With Obama’s name…you mean the ineligible usurper who violated the U.S. Constitution’s qualifications for eight years with the ruse of his identification fabrication?

Oh! And President Trump is just too stupid to recognize invalid Obama, which is the name of Obama on Obamacare is valetudinarian? The supposed promise to Repeal and Replace Obamacare with what, “No-Name Repeal and Replace”? That was the tactically good plan? The first thing you do is NAME YOUR LEGISLATION. That’s how something gets sold. Anyone know what Trump’s proposal was called? “World’s Greatest Health Care Plan of 2017 Bill 1275

Think I haven’t spent any time on solutions? Of course Trump got my proposal! Called Code-Care

See the video and read the rest here.


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  1. Welcome your constructive detailed op @marlene Thank you for your comment. The article is specific with the “pulled” Bill by the GOP and is in harmony also with Trump’s words “Thought that would be how it went” with the abandonment of “Conservative Principles” that many conservative Congressman actually stood tall for.

    Health Care is a huge portion of the budget representing at least 1/5 of the National Budget. Trump know doubt has cut some excess but it’s trinkets surrounding about 5% of EPA ie.


    Excerpt 1
    “even the cabinet secretaries at the E.P.A. and Interior are saying these cuts aren’t going to happen. They’re going to protect their grant programs, their payments to states, their Superfunds. So how do you cut 31 percent of the E.P.A. out of the 5 percent that isn’t protected? And a bill that cuts all money for the N.E.A. will not pass. For Republicans in the West” — states whose vast rural areas benefit disproportionately from N.E.A. grants — “that’s a re-election killer. The campaign commercials write themselves.”

    Excerpt 2
    “and leading a conspiratorial crusade in 2011 to force Obama to release his birth certificate. ”

    Excerpt 3
    “The only major legislation that congressional committees have even seen thus far is a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, which met with a stunning rebuke from Trump’s own party, forcing Ryan to withdraw the measure on the afternoon of March 24. At this stage of his presidency, Barack Obama had already signed into law his $787 billion economic-stimulus package and had moved on to holding White House meetings on health care. It’s conceivable that Trump could hit Day 100 with only minor symbolic legislative achievements to his name.”

    If there is some specific detail of the article you would construe as “fake news” I’m all ears.

    The article details specifically how much support from the Republican Constituency that supports the Constitution and in that requiring a ‘natural born Citizen’ Trump has been give credit for “leading” with as the article details negligence in support both financially and now politically.