by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 7, 2017) — On his Monday radio show, “The Renegade Republican,” former Secret Service Presidential Protective Division agent Dan Bongino discussed the mainstream media’s initial claims that Trump associates were under investigation for connection to the Russian government followed by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s denial on Sunday that any wiretapping of Trump Tower was ordered “to his knowledge.”

Bongino is a former New York City police officer who, after being accepted into the U.S. Secret Service in 1999, provided protection to President George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, particularly on overseas trips.  On Sunday, Bongino announced on Twitter that he would begin releasing information he acquired on the Obama regime during the coming week. “It’s time,” he said.

Following Trump’s startling tweets on Saturday morning claiming that Obama “ordered” his Trump Tower office wiretapped in October, the media visibly circled its wagons to deny that Obama had been involved. However, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and others have stated, respectively, that the wiretapping likely or definitely occurred and that given the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978, which authorizes the attorney general to approve a wiretap application through the FISA court, Obama would have known about it.

Approximately two-thirds through the 30-minute broadcast posted at Conservative Review, Bongino turned from his excoriation of the mainstream press to his observations of the Obama regime while he traveled on the same aircraft and worked in close proximity during the course of his Secret Service duties.

While Bongino said that he is not claiming that all of Obama’s political appointees were “bad,” he said that he saw indications that Obama surrounded himself with people concerned about Obama’s welfare “and not loyal to the United States of America.”

He suggested that in their adoration of Obama, the acolytes see Donald Trump “as some kind of a fraudster who is evil and has to be taken down.”

“They’re not operating on facts in the world of reality,” Bongino said, which he said could include “leaking information, lying to the media, committing federal felonies, submitting affidavits for wiretaps that leave out exculpatory evidence, continuing investigations even though we know they are dead ends…”

Readouts of Trump’s conversations with the Mexican president and Australian prime minister, as well as the contents of telephone calls conducted between Trump’s then-national security advisor Michael T. Flynn were leaks to The Washington Post and The New York Times, causing a maelstrom of criticism and hyperbole which eventually led Flynn to resign on February 13 after only 24 days in his position.

“These are not good people,” Bongino emphasized. His co-host, Joe, responded by repeating Malcolm X’s motto, “By any means necessary,” which Bongino then affirmed.

During the last few minutes of the show, Bongino speculated, based on his observations, that Obama operatives are now fearful that their actions during the Obama years, including those involving Russian connections, will be exposed due to Trump’s unexpected November victory.

“Believe me, there are staffers listening to this who know exactly what I’m talking about,” he contended.  “There’s information out there about what Barack Obama did, what some of his people did when they were in office, that they don’t want uncovered that’s going to make them look very bad.”  He said that had Hillary Clinton won, the operatives believed their actions would have been “buried.”

“Now that they lost, they are freaking out.  They’re in panic mode right now…” Bongino said.  He speculated that Obama operatives feel they “have to get Trump out of there before this information comes out and some of the activities these people were involved in.”

He then invoked a Forbes article published on Monday detailing connections between the Democrats and the Russian government, including the sale of 20% of the U.S.’s uranium supply to the Russians.  As of press time, The Post & Email has not located the article, although the uranium sale was widely reported by the mainstream press in April 2015.

Bongino concluded his show by urging listeners to tune in to his Tuesday show, after which he repeated, “I’m going to leave you with this:  These are not good people.”

Those wishing to subscribe to the show may do so here.

While he said he would not divulge the names of specific operatives, he said that illegal activity was well within the scope of their agenda.

Before Obama was elected in 2008, many Americans questioned his eligibility, allegiance to the United States based on his reported dual or triple citizenship, and agenda for the country based on his favoring of “spreading the wealth around.”

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.” With credible news articles having reported Obama as “born in Indonesia” or “born in Kenya” prior to his first presidential election in 2008, many Americans expressed doubt as to whether or not he was eligible to the office.

Rather than investigating, the mainstream press excoriated, ridiculed, and insulted anyone asking such questions even if they themselves had once reported Obama as foreign-born, as in the case of MSNBC “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews.

In March 2012, following six months of investigation, a team of investigators announced at a press conference that the image released by the Obama White House said to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery.”

His Selective Service registration form was also found to be fraudulent. After investigators requested to inspect a certified copy on file with the Selective Service System, then-Director Lawrence Romo refused them access and suggested that due to new archiving protocols, it had been destroyed.

The mainstream press refused to investigate the findings, as did Congress. Despite warnings from Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned the investigation, that Obama’s lack of verifiable documentation posed a “national security” threat, Obama was reelected in November of that year.

Further, lead investigator Mike Zullo has reported in radio interviews that airline manifests from the days preceding and following Obama’s claimed birth on August 4, 1961 are missing from microfilm provided to him through a FOIA request by the National Archives Records and Administration (NARA).

In interviews with The Post & Email, Zullo has stated that Obama’s residency in the White House was based on the “foundational lie” of his fraudulent birth certificate.

The totality of evidence Zullo and Arpaio acquired during the more than five-year-long investigation was reportedly turned over to federal-level authorities at the end of December, when Arpaio left office.

Although investigators stated early on that the identity or identities of those who created the forged birth certificate were known, that information has not yet been released.

Before Trump’s Saturday morning Twitter claims, many alternative-media outlets had already observed that national-security leaks emanating from the intelligence community could not have occurred by accident, but rather, with the intent to hobble the nascent Trump administration. Speculation of the existence of a “shadow government” seeking to destroy Trump’s presidency has now reached some in the mainstream media, fueled in part by an article in the UK Daily Mail published last week stating that Obama confidante and former senior advisor Valerie Jarrett has moved in to the Obama’s post-presidential Washington, DC mansion with the purpose of undermining and derailing the Trump administration.

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  1. I STRONGLY SUGGEST that all of you go to: http://www.halfpasthuman.com (the site of one Clif High, — a retired IBM “trouble shooter” {served to repair or solve problems that no one else could}; then later, developed an algorithm program dubed: “Linguistic analytics” — a language “TRENDS” analysis program, that enables his team to do in language analysis, what Gerald Celenti’s team does with studying “Economic & trade “TRENDS”).

    clif gives amazingly precise prognostications as, (gleaned from all forms of media and language venues), to the likelihood of general G.P. trends, and what people are communicating about, what things are important to the G.P., and are not.

    His latest analysis are amazingly prescient to REAL ISSUES that you & I are following & concerned about, from the collapse of the MSM “CONTROL MEDIAS”, to how “Trump Phenomena” will endure through these trying times! WELL WORTH YOUR TIME!

  2. Time to turn the tables on these leftist jerks “by any (all all) means”. Keep hammering the narrative. Keep harping on their crimes, their hypocrisy, their perversions, their logical disconnects & fallacies– at every opportunity. Keep digging. Make deals with mid level Obamabot perps in the know and create whistle blowers. It’s simply time to stop hoping if we’re nice and respectful maybe they’ll be reasonable and give Trump a chance. It’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! Finally, somebody needs to stand up and loudly McCarthy Schumer: “Sir! Have you no DECENCY??!”

  3. DJT should let the employees in The Intelligence Community know that “The Scoundrels” in their midst know who they are, and he was speaking to THEM and NOT everyone at those positions, when he made the comments blasting the treachery
    of a few. The Loyal Patriotic Americans among them should express themselves as to their desire to protect America from it’s enemies. Then work “with” The Administration on “draining
    the swamp”, as it is indeed in EVERY TRUE AMERICAN’S
    interest to do so.
    Then apply that to ALL DEPARTMENTS in DC.

  4. Many officials are taking oaths of allegiance to the constitution they want to obliterate on a bible they despise. The intelligence agencies have many from occult based secret societies like “skull and bones” and “quill and pen” who in affiliation with the Illuminati structurally answer to the Jesuit black general who works for Lucifer, and have personally opted to descend into darkness. Together the multitudes infused into this morass have created a reprobate governance, which without them being excised is TERMINAL to this nations future.

    Any who follow US financial control under the privately owned Fed, know it benefits it’s owners by stripping the nation of wealth via contrived inflation. By using this foundational means they game it to enrich themselves, and purposely are cheating this nation (and nearly all nations) into debt oblivion. This is made possible by paid-off and/or compromised legislators who have become their enablers.

    Those are seen in all the politicians from both parties trying to take legitimacy away from the nationalist Trump administration. They are also the intelligence leakers. They are mired in the corrupt State department and in the media voices. They are all in fear of what could result from the sex crimes, treason and the sedition they have participated in under the overall protection umbrella, before this DANGEROUS populist got elected.

    So what? So, now that they can potentially stand naked in their covert attempts to finish destroying this country they are in fear and insanely dangerous. Their attempts to nefariously push us into a Lucifer-led totalitarian global governance nightmare have them panicking.

    Answer. Pedophilia prosecution (of all those sick Satan followers) working to the top, which itself will do wonders toward “draining the swamp”. Pray for the protection of this administration. AND—embolden the administration to look up SEDITION in the dictionary, and start prosecuting the slugs and liars trying to destroy the duly-elected President. Interestingly, once again, listening to the WH briefing, question after question was to TRAP the administration—not to increase understanding of what they are trying to do for the people.

  5. The majority of Congress and Senate are complicit in the treason of the Obama presidency and they all know that their time of corruption is quickly coming to an end and MUST destroy Trump if they are to remain outside a prison cell. With the level of corruption at ALL LEVELS of government from local to Federal levels, they are as paranoid as could be and will stop at nothing to cover their crimes and the only way they think they can do that is by getting rid of Trump.

  6. Why micky mouse around with wire tap issues when you have ironclad document fraud ready to go? Like Bob68 said, Trump’s probably protecting Congress. To hell with congress, MAGA!!!!

  7. The bottom line is, will Trump and Sessions allow Obama’s treasonous activity to continue to destroy them by becoming complicit in the treason? I don’t think so.

  8. That information sounds a lot like what I have been saying about Congress for years. Congress protects Obama to protect themselves, and so do many others. There was never any doubt that Obama is an identity fraud and a usurper of the presidency…..and the complicit know that information must never be allowed to be acted on, which is why the huge push to elect Hillary, who would have been Obama’s third term and the charade would have continued unabated.

    Trump is a wildcard and the left’s panic is that he will release and act on information which absolutely proves Obama’s massive fraud and criminality. The result of that would be hundreds, (or more), of complicit people going to prison or worse for treason. They were all complicit in giving America’s government and her military to the enemy. They are the enemy. Everyone complicit is in panic mode and will use “any means necessary” to prevent their cover from being blown.

    These are dangerous times. I hope the evidence dump on Obama and Company will be so overwhelming they cannot lie their way out, even with the 100% assistance of CNN and the rest of the fake news media. Sheriff Joe’s information and everything Wikileaks, the CIA and FBI informants and any others may have should be as widely distributed as possible…..and now. The last thing needed is a useless Congressional Investigation led by a members of Congress who could could be writing their own ticket to prison by revealing the truth about Obama…eight plus years late…..where have they been?. Any investigation by someone complicit is almost certain to take forever and end with, “nothing there”.

    Getting everything out NOW! protects those who are releasing and acting on the information.