by Marco Ciavolino, Trustee, Terry Lakin Action Fund

(Feb. 9, 2017) — Please sign the Whitehouse Petition for Terry Lakin’s Pardon Again: It is now working.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you sign the petition for Terry Lakin’s pardon. The Whitehouse site was not working correctly at that time.

There about 4000 active emails on Terry’s list. If each you forwards this to 30 interested people, we will make the 100,000 total.

The Petition is Here:

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* You must look for a confirmation email from whitehouse.gov and respond to it for your signature to be confirmed.

* It may take a few days for the counts to update.

Terry’s Websites are Here:

Terry’s Story:  http://terrylakin.com

Terry’s Book:  http://www.officersoath.com



Why Terry Lakin should be pardoned:  The officer’s oath is to defend the constitution. Terry’s question was valid and when he first pursued the proof he sought he was repeatedly told to ignore the issue. After he chose to challenge Obama’s claims, the White House provided two documents, both of which have been proven to be fraudulent. Therefore, we are right where we started: No legally verifiable proof of Constitutional eligibility. Terry’s claim is valid, and proof is still absent.

To the Media: Before you roll your eyes again please watch the press conference concerning the validity of the long form birth certificate.


When Dr. Lakin challenged Obama’s constitutional standing to be president, there was no evidence to substantiate the claims of the Democratic Party. Subsequently the White House released a certificate of live birth (also not a legally valid document) which was quickly proven a forgery. After Mr. Trump made this an issue (as he stated during the campaign) the White House released the long form birth certificate, which has also been conclusively proven a forgery.

Therefore, we are exactly where we started: No valid legal documentation of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility.

Logically Obama should have pardoned Dr. Lakin since Obama (through the White House) claimed the long form was valid proof, which was not forthcoming when Dr. Lakin made his initial requests.  It is our position that Dr. Lakin took a principled, rational, and well-thought-out action to protect the integrity of our Constitution. He was not in the street being shot by water cannons or part of mass actions. He is one man who has stood alone to defend a key provision of our Constitution. He should be rewarded for his stand, not punished.

Terry acted on his oath of an officer to an order higher than his charges: “To protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Terry Lakin  stood for his oath to the U.S. Constitution, his prime-directive as a Commissioned Officer in the military – to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies of same. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and trumps all unlawful orders.  Terry was quickly and summarily punished without being permitted to present to the court and court martial panel the exact reason and evidence as to why he disobeyed orders for military deployments directed by Obama via Obama’s speech at West Point. Terry considered this order unlawful given the facts in hand and due to the lack of any meaningful investigative response to his questions and concerns sent to higher military authorities and the U.S. Congress by former Lt Col Terry Lakin and others.  Terry decided he had to stand up for his oath to the U.S. Constitution and to defend the same. For standing up for his prime directive and supreme order, his oath, he was punished for disobeying a lesser order and not being allowed to explain to the court why.



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  1. It is a national tragedy for LTC Larkin to be punished for doing what a Constitutionally qualified military officer did. He should be pardoned and given all back pay, allowances, and compensatory damages. Please pardon LTC Terry Lakin!!

  2. Let’s pick up the pace! We can do it! Spread the word and encourage all friends and family to sign the petition and ask them in turn to reach out and network and encourage others to do the same!