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by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 15, 2016) — Gary Wilmott, who with his son live-streamed Thursday’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) press conference on the Obama birth certificate investigation on its Facebook page, was kind enough to provide advance photos of some of those in attendance.

In The Post & Email’s announcement regarding live-streaming sources published just before the press conference commenced, Wilmott and former Surprise Tea Party member Jeff Lichter are pictured, while Wilmott and Dr. Terry Lakin, who sacrificed an 18-year Army medical career after questioning Obama’s eligibility to serve as commander-in-chief, are pictured in the featured photo above.

In December 2010, Dr. Lakin was court-martialed and sentenced to six months in Ft. Leavenworth prison after being convicted of “missing movement” and disobeying lawful orders.  While finishing his confinement, the document Lakin had requested as proof that Obama was eligible to command the U.S. military, a “long-form” birth certificate image, was released on the White House website.

Within 24 hours, however, experts deemed it a forgery.

In September 2011, Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio commissioned his Cold Case Posse to conduct a probe of the image to satisfy constituents that their votes would not be disenfranchised in the upcoming presidential election.

The investigation continued through the release of information in two press conferences in 2012 and Thursday night’s presser, which included in-depth analyses from two document examiners using different investigatory approaches.  Both concluded that the birth certificate image could not coincidentally contain items which aligned precisely with those found in a birth certificate of a woman born in Honolulu, HI 16 days after Obama’s alleged birth on August 4, 1961.

Arpaio lost his bid for re-election to a seventh term as Maricopa County sheriff and said at the conclusion of the press conference that he will turn over the posse’s investigative materials to federal authorities and Congress.

After his release from prison, Lakin wrote a memoir about his childhood, college and medical education, and why he was willing to sacrifice his military career to discover whether or not Barack Hussein Obama was eligible to serve and president and commander-in-chief.

Dr. Lakin is presently in private practice in his home state of Colorado.


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