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(Dec. 8, 2016) — SENATE FILIBUSTER DEATH? The key to the Senate Filibuster was that it gave the Minority Party power, encouraging compromise with opposite-party members to get laws passed. With the work conducted of NV-D. Sen Harry Reid, that compromise to the minority came to a slower crawl where now it’s more about simple majorities.

The danger is obvious in that purest form of Democracy “Might is Right” or the “Candy land of the Bully.” Where it really begins to hurt is when the Majority in Congress is opposite the President.

It’s a brain-crawling experience to wonder why the Founders gave filibuster power to every Senator. But it sure was an incentive to be included in the UNION, wasn’t it? Smaller states in population had an equality of footing in at least one branch and part of Congress. It was a magnificent long-term vision for [The United States of America].

The Senate six (6) year term was a vision of longer sight than the short-term, two-year (2) Representative. So was Sen. Harry Reid’s vision short- or long-term? He acted like a Representative in the short two years between 2008 and 2010 and jammed Obamacare down the throat of America.

With the Super Majority he had he did not consult with Republicans. It was Bully all the way, and it cost Democrats favor with the People who understood, Minorities need rights, too.
Let’s read that again slightly differently. Democrat Harry Reid denied Minorities the rights afforded by our Founders. Yes, it was in the Senate, but now look at who is the Minority.

The Minorities in our country are set up to take the fall which Senator Harry Reid pioneered as a Democrat. If you campaigned with that as a Republican you’d get every vote of Minorities; oh, wait a minute:  Donald J. Trump just won. Do you think that happened with just the Caucasian-vote Democrats?

The beauty of individual rights was embodied in the U.S. Senate and Sen. Reid took a swipe at it just as quickly as opportunity presented itself as a Super Majority. The result should be a reminder of what we already knew.

What does that say about the trust we should give Minorities when they do become the Majority, even for a short time?

How is it that Minorities can build trust when as the example they put in and use the “nuclear option” when granted seats of power? Barack Obama was a minority; in the Office of President, he chose to violate the [natural born Citizen] requirement of “born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents,” the requisite since those who were patriot Citizens at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution. Art.II, Section 1,C-5.

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