Trump Promises to Sue Women Alleging Sexual Harassment


by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot from Donald Trump’s October 22, 2016 “First 100 Days” Gettsyburg speech, courtesy Donald Trump Speeches and Events

(Oct. 22, 2016) — In opening remarks to his “First 100 Days” speech in Gettsyburg, PA on Saturday, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump stated that the women who told various media outlets over the last ten days that Trump had made unwarranted advances toward them will face lawsuits “after the election.”

The left-leaning Guardian reported that 20 such women exist, including Trump’s first wife, Ivana, although with a disclaimer.  The accusations to which Trump referred began on October 12 when The New York Times published an article in which two women alleged sexual misconduct on Trump’s part.  That evening, Trump’s attorney, Marc E. Kasowitz, sent a letter to the paper requesting a retraction and apology which The Times declined to issue.

According to Trump supporter and political operative Roger Stone on October 13, Kasowitz filed a defamation lawsuit against The Times.

After the women’s accusations began emerging, Fox News co-anchor of “The Five” and former George W. Bush press secretary Dana Perino predicted that Trump would not sue the women because through the “discovery” process, his history in that arena would be made public.

At the last presidential debate on October 19, Trump stated that none of the alleged incidents took place, a claim he repeated today.  “The events never happened; never,” he said.

The full address can be viewed here.

Update, 1:27 p.m. EDT:  The UK Daily Mail reports that another Trump accuser is expected to make a statement on Saturday afternoon.





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