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(Apr. 9, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that entertains and educates. Major Andrew Jackson has invited us to the armory out near the airport to sit in on one of the training classes that he teaches to our troops.

“Hello, Major. Thanks for the invite. What’s the name of the course we’re going to be witnessing?”

“Hello, Roving and crew. Glad to have you aboard. We’re about to start, so if you would just set up anywhere in the back, that would be fine.

“Welcome, soldiers and sailors, and we’ve a few Marines in attendance, too. As you can see, we have Roving and crew with us today so we’ll be on tonight’s show; isn’t that correct, Roving? Great. So let’s get started.

“This class is titled ‘Why We Fight.’ The number is 17-944, so be sure I sign off on your attendance after the class. I got the idea from watching an old World War II movie on television and they showed this short film, ‘Why We Fight.’

“In 1943 Bob Hope was on a USO tour in the South Pacific and out came Betty Grable, at which point Mr. Hope said, ‘This is what you’re fighting for,’ which got a big laugh.

“That was then and this is now, and we have the same situation: a clash of cultures, but this time it’s even more so.

“Allow me to explain. There are no Muslims at our Armory. There are, however, Muslims in the military, but not here; not at this armory; not while I’m in charge.

“You see, Islam is the enemy of Western Civilization. We all took the Oath to defend the Constitution and nowhere does it say for officers and enlisted to follow an illegal order. Nowhere.

“That said, I have taken it upon myself, through my own initiative, to implement a ‘Muslim-Free’ policy here. Fact is, I don’t trust them. I trust a Muslim to do his Muslim thing before he’ll do a United States thing.

“Allow me to explain. Israel is our ally, right? Now ask yourself this question: if Israel is attacked by Iran, what are the chances that any of our Muslim troops will kill fellow Muslims in defending Israel?

“The answer, the REAL answer, is “None.”

“Remember those killings in Kuwait by a U.S. Army Muslim soldier? Or those sitting ducks at Fort Hood?  I rest my case.

“Fact is, everything that we like they hate. Believe it or not, they even carry signs that read ‘DOWN WITH FREEDOM,’ as unbelievable as it sounds. Also ‘DOWN WITH DEMOCRAZY.’

“You can’t reason with these crazed savages. There is no middle ground. But what are we, you and I, fighting for? What, you can ask, are you being asked to die for?

“The simple answer is our way of life, but what does that mean? Does it mean a comprehensive collection of books that occupy the ‘Political Philosophy’ shelves at the library? Does it mean that a female doctor can treat a male patient, and if a male doctor treats a female patient that female isn’t ‘honor-killed’ as soon as she gets home?

“The face of Islam:  A Muslim family went to the beach. True story. The daughter was drowning, and rather than let the lifeguards save her, the father stopped her rescue on the grounds of ‘strange men touching her.’ So she drowned.

“Airman Williams, will you please lower the blinds? Roving cut the lights on my signal. Now I want all of you to put down whatever it is that’s distracting you. No doodling or texting. I’m going to show you a short piece that I got from YouTube. I want you all to just sit and relax. Make your minds blank. Just relax. We’re getting out of here 45 minutes early so there’s no rush, alright?

“Fine. Now I’ll talk while I set up this screen. Remember the name of this course is ‘Why We Fight,’ and that the whole world is at war. It’s Islam against us, and when I say ‘us’ I’m including our fellow Westerners in Australia, Argentina, Japan and Europe: all over.

“I’ll start the tape; it’s only about 3 minutes long. Afterward I don’t want any talking; just file up to my desk in front and I’ll sign off on your attendance sheet.

“I want you to think about what freedom is; and I want you to think about, if she belonged to a Muslim family, they would surely ‘honor-kill’ her.

“And I want you to think about the utter waste that is Islam; the human cost of being taken over by Sharia Law and why we must fight to preserve our right to express ourselves as we wish, just as this young lady did, without any fear of being buried alive to preserve some warped and deranged sense of ‘family honor.’

“Cut the lights, Roving.

[Beauty contestant sings her song.]

“And that’s it, Roving. I hope your viewers understand that this isn’t some make-believe game these savages are playing at. I mean, flying planes into buildings, as on 9-11. Get real.

“Thanks for coming on on such short notice but I think it went pretty good. I’ve got to lock up now. Goodbye.”

“Wow, heavy-hitting. Under Sharia Law, that young lady with the beautiful voice would be murdered in an ‘honor killing’  — premeditated murder — and for what? Some sort of warped value system? It really makes you wonder how they’ve lasted for 1,400 years, doesn’t it?

“Thanks for watching. Hope some of you out there learned something. And so, on behalf of my crew, I’ll be saying goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Hey, Major, we always grab a burger after a show; care to join us? Thanks for showing us that clip. That’s worth fighting for, for sure. My treat.”

Semper Fi


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  1. In reference to “Beauty contestant sings her song”:
    Her name is Patricia Janekova and she does, “Once Upon a Time in the West”.
    I highly recommend hearing it on a quality set of headphones or on very good stereo speakers, any less you’d be shortchanging yourself, she’s that good.
    Had I been in the audience I’d be on my feet yelling “Bravo! Bravo!”