Clinton Circus — Why?


by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Mar. 28, 2016) — Federal Prosecutors are deposing Clinton and her aides in the outline of building a criminal case where testimonies and questioning under oath could be used to indict her and her aides in the breach of National Security secrets in her tenure as Secretary of State.

The Criminal Code type interrogations will help federal prosecutors better understand whether Clinton or her aides either  [knowingly or negligently] discussed classified government secrets over a non-secure email system when she served as secretary of State.

Both [negligence and knowingly] can be prosecuted criminally and could warrant JUSTICE Department indictments that could tailspin Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into a full blown crashing course of catastrophe.

LEGAL experts acknowledge Hillary Clinton warned her staff against conducting official business with their personal email accounts which makes very clear the double standard Clinton herself was doing that she advocated others not to do.

Clinton herself acknowledged a regrettable mistake and lapse of judgement in the face that the FBI confiscated her server after she and her aides deleted some 30,000 Emails she deemed personal and private that the FBI Criminal Forensic Department Unit have now recovered.

Of those 30,000 Clinton did turn over 2000 plus have been redacted by classification as national intelligence that can not be disclosed to the United States Public based on degrees of classification ranging from the greatest level of Top Secret to the lower levels of Classification.

Of course it goes without saying anything deemed to risky to divulge to the American public the FBI would cry out shuddering to have made known to Foreign Intelligence Agencies or known enemies of the United States in acts of espionage by traitorous employees of the United States.

As the top most Senior FOREIGN Intelligence Officer the Secretary of State receives special training on how to classify intelligence and how to recognize it. Hillary Clinton also signed a statement acknowledging prosecution of criminal conduct in a strict degree of violation that would result in any breach of negligence or knowingly placing national security secrets at risk to unauthorized individuals or governments.

[U.S. law makes it a crime for someone to knowingly or willfully retain classified information, handle it in a grossly negligent manner or to pass it to someone not entitled to see it.]…

Her attorney, David Kendall, has been stunned into silence in commenting on her behalf as also have “lawyers for her closest aides – Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines” – remaining silent and declining comment on behalf of their clients.

Her campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon, admitted Hillary Clinton has no choice but to cooperate with investigators picking up the investigation by interrogation of the possible criminal defendants, Hillary herself could be included with,  in what would be the greatest espionage case in U.S. History in the blatant format to avoid accountability of Government to the People of the United States through the FOIA -Freedom of Information Act.

The L.A. Times Reports

The interrogations [also are an indication that much of the investigators’ background work – [recovering deleted emails], understanding how the server operated and determining whether it was breached – is nearing completion.] emphasis added.

Much of the national press in the U.S. are also stunned that the Secretary of State received so many huge speaking fees from so many foreign governments after she left the job for hundreds of thousands of dollars each totally between her and Bill 26 Million Dollars in 26 months.

It’s almost unbelievable as it’s exposed in this 3-minute video beginning at 2 min:12 seconds Clinton’s FOREIGN and DOMESTIC Speech Tour and the hundreds of thousands collected for each speech is outlined.

The list of speeches made by the Clintons is here. The problem really occurs with Hillary Clinton resigning her post as Secretary of State, hopping on this lucrative speaking tour, and then declaring for the Office of President. The ethics involved in the presumption of a quid pro quo are unquestionably and undeniably circumstantial.  Most presidential candidates are not being paid millions by foreign governments minutes before declaring for Office.

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