Open Letter to Ted Cruz, Candidate for United States President


February 27, 2016

Presidential “candidate” Ted Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban national who at some point became a Canadian citizen. Many have questioned both Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s eligibility to serve as president under the “natural born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution. Still unanswered is whether or not the current occupant of the position, Barack Hussein Obama, is eligible given his claimed British-citizen father and fraudulent government documents.

Dear Sir,

I am concerned that you want to be the next President of the United States when we all know you were born in Canada and your father was a Cuban National and possibly became a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth.  It is moot that your mother was previously an American citizen when it may have been she had become a Canadian citizen as well.  Her citizenship is not the deciding factor when you take into consideration the Framers’ intent of the term “natural born Citizen.”  That fact alone does not qualify you to be eligible under Article 2, Section 1, and Clause 5 of the United States Constitution for President or Vice President of my country.

It is pure hypocrisy for you to claim you are for this country when as a supposed constitutional attorney you fail to recognize the plain English wording of Article 2, Section 1, and Clause 5.  It makes me wonder what other part of the Constitution you are willing to subvert or ignore to obtain your personal goals.

Your renunciation of your Canadian citizenship accomplished only one thing, to make you a man without a country.  That is, unless you can produce your naturalization papers or the consular filing that must have been filed when you were born in Canada.  (See the 14th amendment.) As you can see, being the intellect you are, that will not make you qualified under our Constitution for the office of President or Vice President.

You, sir, are saying a lot of things that need to be said to save America from the progressive slide into oblivion we are presently on.  Your words do not make you eligible for the office of President any more than the words Marco Rubio says qualify him for the same reason.  Should he or you be accepted as a viable candidate we will have nothing more than an extension of the unqualified President that we have had for the past 7 years for the same ignored reason.

As long as you, Marco Rubio and the mainstream media ignore the facts of the Constitution we will not be able to right the ship of our government.  We will continue down the path of destruction that it has become obvious we are on.  Although I have not decided on a candidate for this election I can tell you and anyone who cares to take it into consideration that I will not vote for an unqualified candidate, whether for President or Vice President.  My literal interpretation of the Constitution will not allow me to.

I wish you well and pray you make the correct decision for the sake of the country.  I would have said “our country,” but without physical documented evidence I do not know if you are a citizen or not.


Lloyd Carter
Former Marine and concerned senior citizen

2 Responses to "Open Letter to Ted Cruz, Candidate for United States President"

  1. Tim Alan   Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    Mom’s Birth Cert doesn’t prove Cruz is a citizen

  2. Rev Bill Whetstone   Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 8:57 AM

    I have read this letter and I fully agree .This man seems to have great intent BUT when we lie about the little things we WILL lie about anything. I beg you do not put God in the center of a lie.
    Please step down and keep up the work for the USA and let do this for the GLORY of GOD not self .God is a GOD of truth!
    Rev Bill


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