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(Feb. 17, 2016) — The car industry is always one of the first industries to test and use new technologies. Some are instant successes, while others fail to impress manufacturers and their customers. In recent years, the latest technologies have had a huge impact on the car industry. These technologies have been introduced to make driving safer, more environmentally friendly, easier to learn, entertaining and more convenient. These are some of the technologies used in the car industry that are proving to be a success with modern motorists.

Motoring Apps

In recent years the explosion in popularity of smartphones has resulted in a huge number of motoring related smartphone apps. These apps can be installed from various motoring websites and app stores. The most popular car related apps available include apps that report on the traffic situation ahead, driving conditions, views from traffic monitoring cameras, navigation, fuel information, local services, entertainment and various types of car-related tests.

On-board Cameras

Modern camera and imaging technologies have improved greatly in recent years. These improvements have led to on-board cameras in most types of modern cars. These cameras are placed in different parts of a car to help drivers reverse and see what objects and obstacles are in close proximity to a car. They are also used on the dashboards of cars to view the road ahead. Recording the events taking place ahead can be important, especially if an accident occurs and you need evidence showing what happened.


Previous generations of drivers depended on paper maps to get from one location to another. If they were really stuck, they eventually asked for directions. This is no longer the case. GPS systems are now available in modern cars and on smartphones, which make it much easier to travel from one place to another without getting lost along the way.

On-board Computers

In the past, cars were purely mechanical forms of transport. The latest computing technologies have changed this. Most of today’s cars have at least one on-board computer. These computers monitor and control a wide range of functions in today’s cars. They control fuel efficiency, detect problems with various components, monitor and adjust air quality and much more.

Diagnostic Equipment

Finding problems with cars has also changed thanks to the latest technological developments. A range of high-tech diagnostic tools and software programs are available which you can use with a laptop or mobile device to identify a wide range of car problems.

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is a major concern for many individuals. However, this process is becoming easier thanks to modern technologies. Websites like provide mock tests for drivers who are in the process of taking their driving test. Driving simulators are also available to help people learn how to improve their driving skills.

Technology keeps changing and continues to have an impact on the car industry. So long as we have cars, this industry will continue to use the latest technologies to improve motorists’ safety, driving experiences and much more.

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