The Post & Email Obtains Certified Copy of Ted Cruz’s Mother’s Birth Certificate

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  1. DJ Lewis   Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 9:03 PM

    Thank you for that but your publication seems to be unaware that her birth certificate has no bearing or basis in law that her son is Natural Born as he is not and I have very clear evidence that will withstand any court.
    From 1946 until 1976 Canada did not allow dual citizenships with the only exception being visiting diplomats.When Rafael Edward Cruz was born he does not automatically receive his mothers US citizenship. Under US constitution, If a person has allegiance to two countries,the country of birth laws take precedence. Canada in 1970 had only two options 1/ Register as Canadian and receive a Canadian Birth Certificate. 2/ Register at Consulate in Calgary as CRBA(Consulate Report of Birth Abroad) State Dept has no record of CRBA ever filed before Dec 22/1978. A CRBA filed after that date is invalid. Mr Cruz renounced his legal Canadian citizenship in May of 2014 and is therefore a person illegaly in the USA, illegaly in the Senate and illegaly running for president.How this is not news is beyond me.Canada and USA federal court will give you the very same information as contained herein.

    As per birth of Barack Obama I am traveling to West Coast Hospital this summer by invitation to compare signature of attending Doctor and foot print.That named DR was indeed a Dr, there at the time of birth listed and as I stated to you in previous e-mail he was murdered walking home from West Coast Hospital in 1970 by person or persons unknown. In closing. My investigation of Rafeal Edward Cruz is complete and I can swear to any court or congress that he is not a Natural Born USA citizen. The investigation of Obama is still my intended work until I have undisputable proof either way . Thank you Sharon for your Interest

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