by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2015, blogging at Amo Probos

(Dec. 8, 2015) — Now the legal issues are joined and it is time to wait for the machinery of justice to grind-out it’s decision.

In the D.C. Superior Court, Senator McConnell has filed his Motion to Dismiss raising the technical legal issues of (i) Article III “standing”, (ii) the Speech or Debate clause affirmative defense and (iii) the Political Question Doctrine affirmative defense.  I have filed an Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss.  This case has been stayed until the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal decides the appeal from the D.C. District Court, which may take six months or more.  Hence, I don’t expect much movement in the D.C. Superior Court until next summer!
Likewise, in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal, I have filed a Motion for Summary Affirmance of the Remand Order to the D.C. Superior Court. Speaker Ryan has filed an Opposition to the Motion for Summary Affirmance.  I have now filed my Reply to that Opposition.  Again, tick-tock, we wait . . .
As an aside, in the 21st Century, it seems stupid that justice takes so long to resolve issues.  Who does this benefit but the status quo?

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