by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 22, 2015) — An unprecedented evil has fallen over America.

When did it begin?

When Americans decided they wanted surface over substance, the chains of dependence over the “animating contest of freedom.”

When they began voting for selfish desires, caring nothing for the survival of the greatest nation on earth,  built upon the blood, sweat, tears and deaths of so many courageous men and women.

The evil that has befallen America includes atrocities and violence on such a scale that God in His heaven must surely be weeping.

The face of evil is a man with an unknown past who deceived an electorate which chose to remain uninformed and irresponsible, cheered on by a complicit media which carefully framed his farcical life narrative.

The face of evil smiles a broad smile while his eyes tell a different story.

The power of that evil bribes, blackmails and cajoles a Congress replete with self-serving, vain, power-hungry, and corruptible beings to give The Evil One that which he desires by standing against life, no matter how young and helpless the individual.

Because The Evil One stands for death, not life – death to the elderly, the infirm, the fetus aborted by an equally evil monster – in the name of “women’s rights” and “choice.”

In his days of more limited influence, The Evil One supported providing no assistance to the most vulnerable among us who were torn from their mothers’ wombs in the most violent of ways. Did we not see the warning signs of what was to come?

He displayed a pathetic forgery on an official government website to hide his “intent to deceive,” then laughed when a few spoke out, knowing that the media he wholly controls would silence them.

His puppet-like lackeys provide the cover he needs to fully implement his final plans for the country he hates as a sold-out military looks on in silence.

The Evil One negotiates with known enemies, hiding his treasonous work product from a power-hungry Congress nevertheless rendered impotent against his overwhelming treachery.  He cleverly hides his sin with precisely-timed photo opportunities which feed his massive, yet damaged, ego.

That evil he exudes has placed millions, even billions of the Earth’s people in grave danger as he continues to smile while meeting with a supposed ambassador of life, truth, and human rights.

The Evil One sought to destroy the most highly-disciplined military in the world by infusing hedonism and removing the God of Jews and Christians from sight.  As a faux commander-in-chief, he has persecuted people of faith, demolished morale, and weakened our defenses through social engineering and experimentation.

Military chaplains have been barred from their chapels, careers ruined, and reputations besmirched by an agenda driven by a blatant humanism never before seen in the “shining city on a hill,” particularly not in the Oval Office which he smirkingly usurps.

He violates existing rules and regulations with a facility born of brazenness and hubris.

His success has been startling. Rules of Engagement changed in 2009 have killed thousands more than should have died.

He jails those with the courage and conscience to speak out while allowing criminals to go free.

His self-important agenda throws away laws he doesn’t like and creates new ones with the stroke of a pen. When he finds it necessary, he uses his phone to obtain his desired objective.  If his pen and phone prove inadequate, there is the surveillance which has thus far proven so very effective in controlling those who should be in control.

Not only those in the military, but lay persons, too, have lost their ability to provide for their families as a result of his steamrolling of faith in the public square, exposing the blatant lie he told during his “meteoric rise” in politics.

His “Green” agenda stole money from millions of struggling Americans and placed it in the hands of cronies.  He shut down entire industries and seized private companies as his evil prevented anyone from seeking or obtaining justice.

The evil he imposes indoctrinates our children, polluting their minds and souls in the name of inclusion and diversity. It replaces parents with government.  It seeks to strip any identity of Americanism and replace it with global citizenship. The evil teaches that alternative lifestyles, debauchery and perversion are acceptable and even encouraged by his surrogates.

The extent of the evil is such that the same fighting force which liberated Europe, saving thousands of lives by purging a megalomaniac so that peace could reign once again, now instructs its men to turn a deaf ear to the abuse of young boys crying out within its own barracks.

Three men died from that unspeakable evil.

As the Congress dithers, a new megalomaniac has taken the place of he who was defeated in 1945.  And we seem to have lost the will and the courage to stop him.

For he is not yet done with the United States of America.

He knowingly imports unvetted strangers into the country, some of whom wish to kill the very people to whom he promised “hope and change” a short seven years ago.  He destroys our national security with his agenda of punishing indigenous Americans who, unlike him, were born and raised here.

Through cunning coercion, he allows those carrying diseases, weapons, and plans to inflict harm and death upon us to flow in unabated, all in the name of “the children.”  He welcomes the Unknowns for their likeness to him:  a man claiming, demanding to be an American when he knows he is not.

He who has championed “civil rights” and the end of slavery in America sits and watches as thousands are burned alive, crucified, tortured, enslaved, buried alive, and displaced in a conflagration of his own making.

His plan to Islamize Europe and the entire Western world is well under way.

The rogue nation to which he has sold our security and future has killed thousands of Americans and continues to intone “Death to America.”

And what is The Evil One doing now?


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  1. This is dead on, Sharon. My heart weeps for all that America once was, and sadly the children of today and tomorrow will never know what true freedom means. With all you and so many other aware and informed patriots have tried to do, too many citizens still do not see him for what he is, or how much he has destroyed the very foundation of our country. While we must continue to fight and inform those who thwart us at every turn, we may just be at the point where intense prayer might be the only answer. Dear God in Heaven help us!!!

  2. Dear Editor;
    No, no! Say it ain’t so. What about “Obama phone”? What about Obama “paying my mortgage”?
    “White guilt”? What’s THAT all about? Now if ANYTHING was ever made-up, that was it.
    Like, Man, I’m supposed to have any guilt for my great-grandfather scalping a White Man?
    I don’t think so.
    In America, the sins of the father is NOT passed down to the son.
    But Muslims don’t feel that way, now do they?
    So for some imagined-made-up “offense” somebody killed one of their relatives 600 years ago, they’re taking “revenge” about it now?
    Get real.
    The whole Islam fantasy is just a feeble excuse for social-paths /psychopaths/really-sick paths/stupid-paths/ignorant-paths/ and ALL the other paths that lead DIRECTLY to blood being spilt to satisfy their daemon-in-their-mind God.
    Obama could very well make Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs when it comes to worldwide genocide.
    However, we still retain the ability to turn the tables on Western Civilization’s COMMON ENEMY and DO TO THEM BEFORE THEY WOULD DO UNTO US.
    OPOVV no speak with “forked tongue”.