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(Aug. 24, 2015) — Often the Cases of the United States Supreme Court are what the general public might call ‘word-salad’. While it may be hard to understand the purposes of such are often just the opposite of trying to be difficult. The are truly in the interest of being able to say the most in as little space as possible or that is permissible by the rules of the Court. The Main Stream Media has even been known, in their rush to report the findings of the Court, to get it wrong and have to back track their Reports. Most people will not even read this or understand what is happening, but when it does they may want to come back and see what happened and why, and that is quite simply the purpose of this Report.

According to an ABC Report last year 83% of Americans identify themselves as Christian that would have to include a pretty large portion of both the Republican and Democratic Parties of America who at least believe that Politicians ought to be true and faithful rather than dishonest and untrustworthy in a moral attribute of their faith’s identity of the Big 10 and those who are not Christians probably have some affinity with the basics of Trust and Truth as those who would also share a hope to walk into their Bank and not find their money missing?

What I’m saying is you really have to be an idiot not to ascribe the desire most have in many circumstances and situations in our life to at least desire the Truth in the Order of being True and Faithful. Oh how happy are the people when they find those two things in their life and how sad they are when they come up missing.

Most all Christian Faiths find their treasures in expanding canonical text of the Bible that their Church Leaders refer and read to them as they gather together and worship considering how they apply to them in their daily lives. That has been a tradition handed down for many thousands of years as we have witnessed many old Testament Prophesies come true in the New Testament. In that spirit of prophesy, which we read, see, and bear witness to in Christ how glorious are they that publish glad tidings from the truly astoundingly true words found in Isaiah 52:7:

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!”

The prophesies of the Old Testament didn’t stop with the New Testament, nor did prophesies made in both the Old and the New Testament stop which were understood to be a Record of those things which were yet to come to pass, even in our modern day or what was termed the last days or in the end of times. The scripture of Isaiah 52:7 hold every bit of a wonderful articulate description for things that were prophesied to come to pass in our day that we see and will yet see.

With that in mind I wanted to expand upon what exactly the United States Supreme Court had in front of them in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 as far as an important Record for our time to help us understand what is happening and why in the interest of Trust and Truth we are seeing in its development a quite remarkable and astounding record to consider by which we might also be found apposed or supporting.

So let me go through as I know the case quite well and communicate to you in very simple terms what is inside the ‘word-salad’ of Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the TOP-10 main considerations of the case in a legal sense without all the case law backing up every point ad nauseam.

  • Judy v. Obama 14-9396 at its core reports to the court the damages caused by the Constitutionally unlawful Candidacy found in Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro based upon the Constitution’s Qualifications asserted that the President and Vice President must be a ‘natural born Citizen’ ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents upon the Presidential Campaigns of Cody Robert Judy in 2008 and 2012 as well 2016.
  • The Argument constitutes that the Constitution’s Qualifications for the President and Vice President of (Natural Born Citizen) are separate or distinct from those qualifications of Representatives and Senators (Citizen) and that combining them without a Constitutional Amendment is considered illegal or an action prohibited by standards of constitutional construction restraints found in Case Law.
  • The Argument brings to light what is considered a Legislative Mandate or The Peoples’ Will through their Representatives in Congress in that eight attempts since 2003 that have failed to make the legal change required that would then be the Judicial Branches duty to uphold if it had changed. The fact it did not change is a witness to the Court of what should be upheld in their positions for the Constitution and also The People’s Will. Never before had two certifications been necessary underscoring the illegal intent.
  • The Argument brings to the attention what would be considered a quid pro quo alliance between three major Presidential Candidates representing two major parties in the Republicans and Democrats who through manipulation and agreement sought to change the Constitution’s Qualifications but only got half of Congress to support it in the U.S. Senate, as a non-binding resolution numbered as 511. The three Candidates for President were Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, and Sen. John McCain.
  • The Argument advocates that once this was undertaken a Cabal was created in the Order of a Cartel or illegal Monopoly formed by Barack Obama’s Campaign Corporation and the Democratic National Committee Corporation which acted illegally by certifying Barack Obama as a legal Candidate. The evidence of this secret combination was Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s signature on not one, but two distinct and separate certifications, for Obama as the parties nominee, which declared the Candidate legal by Constitutional Standards in the Constitution, while he was not.
  •  The Argument advocates that the combination of these Corporations in the illegal actions constitutes the formation of an illegal cartel formed with the intent of monopolizing against the Campaign and Candidacy for President Cody Robert Judy who would not yield his Civil Rights of a fair and equal race according to the Standards set as the Constitution’s Qualifications against the Cartel’s illegal actions.
  • The Argument advocates that Mr. Judy is within his rights to report directly to the Courts without an Attorney General representing him, according to the parameters dedicated by Congress in the Sherman/Clayton Acts of Congress specifically mentioning such authority, and that it was then the Court’s obligation through the Presiding Judge of the Case to refer the Case to the Attorney General for back up and that this did not happen in the lower District Court or in the Appeal to the 10th Circuit.
  • The Argument advocates that the United States Supreme Court can also hear the Case De Novo and ask the Court to do as much.  De Novo is a Latin expression meaning ‘from the beginning”, “afresh”, “anew”, or “beginning again”, which would set aside any of the lower Court’s assumptions that the Defendant was not served properly and thereby make the findings of the lower Court’s opinions obsolete in any technicality that might disrupt the interest of Justice on such an important matter as to be affecting millions of lives and the very fabric of soundness in the United States Election process and voters ability to at least have the opportunity to vote for a legally qualified Candidate rather than be subjects to the ill-gotten and nefarious whims of celebrity politicians deliberately obstructing the Constitution.
  • The Argument advocates that this is not a ‘one party’ issue of concern when it comes to the considerations of the Court because both major parties in the Republicans and Democrats are involved heavily with what would be considered as main stream Candidates in McCain, Obama, Cruz, Rubio, Jindal and Obama mentioned in Application 15A25 , so is not just a consideration of damages of 2008 and 2012, but also a consideration of the future integrity of the Presidential Race in 2016 and all those Americans caught in cross-fire of fraud or supporting a Candidate for President who should he be elected would not be qualified for the Office of the President or Vice President.
  • The Argument advocates that Mr. Judy is the only Presidential Candidate in the entire United States who has also advocated the Principle for both parties equally and justly as he served McCain and Obama federal lawsuits in the past and has continually kept his Standing by either suing them or entering the race once a Candidate was illegally chosen by the Democratic Party as was the case with Obama in 2012, as a write-in candidate sustaining the damages and harm caused until the next election where he then again entered the race as a candidate with standing claiming harm in the next election thus showing continuity of the damages. This relieves any derogatory or ill-gotten ‘race card’ Obama or the Main Stream Media might trump or assess as an inequality or unfairness against Obama personally. Mr. Judy also includes the law enforcement investigation of AZ. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse as evidence of identification fraud in Obama’s long form birth certificate and draft registration.

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