by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2015

(Aug. 21, 2015) — Many Democrats continue to kick out at the message of 2016 Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy (CRJ). Of course its not easy to accept the facts that your guy in the Office of the President is not qualified to be there and the United States Supreme Court in a short month will be taking it up again where they left it June 18th before they recessed. To make matters worse, their front-polling candidate Hillary Clinton’s numbers, so lofty the last year, continue diving in a near free-fall, while across the aisle front runner and birther Donald Trump continues to skyrocket. It’s the political pie you just could not make up even if you tried to.

“The Campaign”, Cody reported today, “is doing just about the opposite of what you would expect a Campaign to do. It’s relying and dishing up the TRUTH. Democrats can be upset all they want, but the truth is I challenged Sen. McCain in 2008 in Las Vegas NV.’s Federal Court and not one Democrat complained about it although I got about all the grits and eggs I could handle thrown at me by Republicans. It’s hard when you have to discipline your own party, and harder still when you have a wild child like Helen Keller before Ann Sullivan come along,” Cody chuckled.

“Truth is, Democrats have been getting away with quite a few things that weren’t exactly healthy for the Country and we have a 19 Trillion Dollar Debt to prove it and an unqualified person in the White House. Yes, he may be black but that isn’t one of the qualifications enumerated in the U.S. Constitution but ‘natural born Citizen’ sure is and he fails the test- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.”

Call CRJ the Donald Trump of the Democratic Party if you will without the 10 Billion dollars and you might recognize why its even harder for Democrats to swallow what Cody’s serving up. They do not think they have to as this time but the fact is it can change in one day.

September 28th, 2015 the United States Supreme Court is set to rule on the Case that they continued from the first Conference June 18th that began in the Court March 30. “You can call it what you want,” Cody said, “but I just do not have any money right now and I think the Supreme Court wondered how in the world I was doing what I was doing. So they questioned me on that.”

The question was answered as Cody turned in to the Supreme Court bank records of his personal finance and Campaign Finances that showed him living below the poverty line and near destitute June 24th in time for the Court to consider that June 29th before they went to recess July 1st. The Justices chose not to rule on it, instead giving it a SECOND September 28th hearing. This of course allowed speculators good reasons to reasonably consider the Court was in controversy over the Case and was actually in the lengthy September 28th date giving themselves more time  to weigh the balances of justice and figure out the best course of action.

They could have just as easily, for instance, granted forma pauperis standing and just kicked it out June 18th very easily, but they made a choice not to.

“Truth, we are scraping by and it would literally by a slap in the face to the poor if the Supreme Court were to deny me forma pauperis standing which both the lower District Court had granted and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals had also accepted on its face,” Cody said.

Where does the balance of JUSTICE come in when poverty is known but wisdom and intelligence weighs in with the poor representing Truth vs. the other side that has wealth, power, fame and position but represents a lie?

If you can consider that question, you might ask also ask are those who have wealth, power, fame, and position actually above the Law?

If that is the case, then Justice certainly has no place to stand and injustice is just running away with it all. That is pretty-much the message of Bernie Sanders also, who is attracting very big crowds in the Democratic Party and has overtaken Hillary Clinton in the polls in New Hampshire.

His message is resonating with the American people because they are feeling in fact exactly what I am going through and they are angry about it.

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