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(Jun. 15, 2015) — Given his associations with domestic terrorists, ACORN, shadowy Middle-Eastern financiers, Muslim-Brotherhood-linked groups, communists, Black Liberation Theology, forgery, fraud and his vow to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,”…should new authority to negotiate international trade agreements be given to the man who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama?”

The video will be the topic of discussion on the Andrea Shea King Show this evening beginning at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

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  1. That picture of “Michael” is very revealing. America’s first “transgender couple” in “The House”. I wonder what Joan Rivers would have to say about all this?

  2. One thing we can say for Obama is that he is VERY Trendy!

    Everything today is “TRANS:”

    We have an FDA ban on TRANSfats;

    Bruce is TRANSgender (except that his DNA did not get that memo nor will it)

    Dolezal is TRANSracial (although her biological parents REJECT that memo)

    It must be an outgrowth of the NEW AGE movement which made hay out of the “Channeling” of other entities through one’s own body, sort of like Shirley MacLaine who was once an alien or a princess or a witch or something like that she has written.

    Obama is TRANSnational, TRANSreligious, and TRANSpersonality: America is now number one in this trend…it is TRANSideational like no other country on Earth.

    Trump may be the only antidote: Iran IS Iran, Israel IS Israel, Obama IS a loser, Illegal Aliens ARE Illegal, and Mexico is NOT our friend. What a relief that he is not “TRANS” but Authentic.

  3. There’s Bill Ayers picture but no mention of Obama’s Mother- Elizabeth Ann Newman alias “Ann Duncan” who was a bomber with Bill Ayers in “The Weather Underground” when they bombed the Pentagon and the Washington Navy Yard Computer building. She was on the FBI Most Wanted list until Holder illegally had her released from prison to travel and be with Obama at the White House and Michelle on that African Safari they took on taxpayer’s money. She has also been seen on Air Force One with Mr. O.