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(Mar. 23, 2015) — It’s quite obviously a mob-like comprehension problem. Trust me, I know the feeling. I was on a ship once where I was the only sane one aboard. But I’m not alone on this one: the Constitution is quite clear on the requirements of the president in Article II, Section 1 where it clearly states, “No Person except a natural born citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Natural born: both parents citizens of the USA at time of birth. In my particular case, both of my parents were citizens, one born in Washington, the other in Montana by U.S. citizens.

Cruz can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. There is no discussion on something so obvious. Either the light is red, or it is green. The relay energizes only one circuit at a time. You can’t say to the judge that the light was red and green at the same time. You wouldn’t buy it; I wouldn’t buy it; and the judge sure as heck wouldn’t buy something you just can’t talk around: it either is or it is not. In Cruz’s case, it is an is not, as in is not eligible.

I wrote an editorial on Feb. 26, “Ted Cruz: By Design or Not,” where I addressed the issue of Cruz’s and Obama’s ineligibility. The idea was that, since the Republican Party was positively vetting Cruz to be an eligible candidate for president, by proxy they are endorsing Obama’s ineligibility to be president as well. Not acceptable.

In other words, we come full circle to a theory that there is but one political party: The Federal Reserve  Party. It doesn’t make any difference who is in power or what group they represent – Tea Party, Independent, whatever – as long as the Federal Reserve Bank controls the money.

The idea is to be as self-sufficient as humanly possible. My definition of Freedom: absence of dependency. Now we all know that we can’t make it on our own: it takes two to make a baby. But we don’t have to be so tied to the electrical umbilical cord that we can’t live without it.

We want homes designed for longevity as well as comfort. We want cross-ventilation, cisterns, Victory gardens, herb windowsill gardens. We want to produce our own electricity by wind, solar, bicycle and treadmill generators. We want government to get off our backs. We want to have control over our money, not some private corporation that couldn’t (believe me) care less about your financial future. We want the United States Constitution to be honored by those who took the Oath to defend the document.

Ted Cruz is not defending the United States Constitution by circumventing the “natural born citizen” clause. Is he in cahoots with Obama? I think not, yet his actions say different.

IF Ted Cruz were a true Patriot, he would bow out of the 2016 election by publicly stating that he, like Obama, IS NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED.

Don’t hold your breath. Our country is under attack in more ways than even you or I have any idea of. Support your 2nd Amendment.

Semper Fi


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  1. Please allow a question … “IF” a LGBT couple (both citizens) somehow produce a child, and that child grows to be 35 years of age, would that child be eligible?