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by Sharon Rondeau

Activist Ted Hayes believes that Obama’s “amnesty” plan will destroy black communities and has spoken in person with members of Congress about his plan to unify Americans against illegal immigration

(Mar. 18, 2015) — In a video statement, American activist Ted Hayes says that the views of the black community have not been heard on the subject of illegal-alien “amnesty,” which he told The Post & Email will have devastating and permanent effects, particularly on blacks, if allowed to go forward as the Obama regime plans.

Hayes has volunteered to lead a movement with the goal of unifying American citizens to protect their communities against what he calls an “invasion” of illegal aliens which the Obama regime wishes to expand into “welcoming communities,” also described as “a country within a country.”

Hayes and Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough‘s research assistant, Susan Payne, recently were listeners on three conference calls held by Obama regime operatives detailing plans to create new immigrant communities in urban centers across the United States.  Payne revealed the subject matter of the conference calls to radio host Mark Levin late last month.

Hayes fears the millions of new illegals which the Obama regime plans to import will displace blacks from their homes and communities and ultimately bankrupt the nation.  He believes that blacks have been lulled into a sense of complacency by the Democrats for more than 100 years.  “That’s why they’re using illegal immigration; to destroy the black descendants of chattel slaves once and for all,” Hayes told The Post & Email on Wednesday.

Hayes believes that since the issue of slavery has never been resolved, the resultant divisiveness is being exploited by socialists to prove that America is a “failed experiment.”

“Kennedy and Johnson and the Democrats shut down Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and said that immigration reform was a ‘civil rights’ issue.  King couldn’t say anything, because blacks had just been given ‘civil rights.’  ‘We give you civil rights, and you’re going to deny these people?'” Hayes used as an example.

“Kennedy also said that the ethno-racial makeup of the urban centers will not change.  But sure enough, 50 years later, that’s exactly what has happened as evidenced by the phone calls Sue and I were on.  The socialists know that if they can come in and crush us and make us of no consequence in three years as a result of the new votes from illegals, technically, they will have succeeded in their 150-year journey to finally crush the great United States of America and watch it slowly, physically die.”

Hayes believes that the claim of “discrimination” is used against “white patriots” in order to impose a guilt complex and coerce them to accept millions of illegals residing within U.S. borders.  “They use the emotional tool of ‘civil rights’ because the illegals’ skin is brown.  Blacks are a minority, and the illegals say, ‘We deserve civil rights.’  This confuses the patriots.  You do not see anyone from La Raza supporting ‘Black Lives Matter,'” Hayes said.  “They hate us; they hate us more than the Ku Klux Klan did.”

Hayes reminded us that those in the Reagan administration later regretted Reagan’s signing of immigration reform which allowed millions of illegals to remain in the country instead of face deportation.  “They admitted that it was the biggest mistake they ever made,” Hayes told us.

In 2011, Hayes was interviewed by Dr. James David Manning regarding a letter he wrote to Obama, who Hayes referred to as “Barry Soetoro” and who he does not consider to be a “black American.”

In a subsequent article, The Post & Email will detail why he believes Barack Hussein Obama was made the Democrat presidential candidate in 2008.

Hayes’s websites are TedHayes.us and The Capitol Hill National Caucus.  He has set up a GoFundMe page to enable him to continue his work what he sees as the “alternative voice to Al Sharpton.”  On the GoFundMe site, Hayes wrote, in part:

Whether your “vote” of confidence is monetary or/and alerting others to my special appeal to represent all American We the People in the matters of racial healing, homelessness and immigration (legal/illegal), please know that thanks to your generous efforts, this campaign with its designed, initial slow start is gradually increasing in speed towards our stated objective of Healing the “wound” that exposes us to be “a house divided against itself” nation.

Hayes has made several other videos in which he describes his vision for America and how racial division can be eradicated.  “We are Americans; we couldn’t be prouder.  If you can’t hear us, then we’ll say it a little louder,” he said in one video.  “There are only three colors in America:  red, white, and blue, and these colors don’t run.”

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