Now What?


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(Feb. 21, 2015) — Once upon a time, in a land far away, a bridge was damaged in a storm, or maybe it just got old, so everyone started to use ferries to cross the river. The ferry service was the lifeblood of the transportation system of the country: one side of the river grew crops while the other side provided industry.

One year the government decided to tax the ferry service, then take over the ferry service completely. Deregulation to complete regulation resulted in exorbitant prices for shoddy services. The ferry service employed people that no private business would hire, so baggage was lost and ferries crashed and sunk with loss of life.

Once in a while someone would say, “Abolish the ferry service: fix the bridge.” Proponents of the ferry service would quote such things as “industry shipping write-offs” while politicians relied on ferry ticket “kickbacks” to fund their reelection campaigns. The ferry service tax paid for the ferry service tax department. The number of write-offs and deferred payments reached a crescendo when half the tax code cancelled the other half: in other words, one hand didn’t know what the other hand was doing and, get this, they didn’t care.

Here’s the deal that was put forward by the Fair Tax people: if you cross the bridge, you pay a toll. If you transport something across the bridge, you pay a toll. And that was it. If you never cross the bridge, you never pay that toll. And if you only eat carrots, you never pay the toll on bacon. You pay a toll only on what you yourself consume. At least that’s how some people thought the taxes should’ve been raised by the country.

Think of the taxation of our country as the crooked ferry system that has become so convoluted as not to be recognizable as being anything other than theft by government decree. That would be the IRS, a system so out-of-date, out-of-touch, and out-of-reach of law-abiding citizens that the laws that you and I have to follow are routinely broken, circumvented, and ignored by the IRS on a case-by-case basis. Illegal scrutiny, fines and confiscation are common practice by this government agency which acts on its own with no oversight whatsoever (reference Lois Lerner).

We’re about to enter another election cycle where it’ll be more of the same, where the status quo rules. No debate as to whether to keep the Fed, let alone audit it. No meaningful debate about abolishing the IRS. No, just more of the same pabulum that the politicians feed the masses.

The result of our public school system is the direct result that our world faces today. The National Debt, over 20 trillion, has been achieved by politicians borrowing other people’s money to line their own pockets: ill-gotten gains to remodel their Country Club and to give themselves pay raises and perks, year after year, where the comparison between the public sector and the private sector has become non-existent. What private corporation, company or Mom-and-Pop store wouldn’t have fired Lois Lerner and any of her incompetent government employee colleagues at the inception of the first lie or broadcasted incompetence? The answer is such underhanded tactics wouldn’t be tolerated, yet Congress allows government employees to get away with massive theft and lies, as if working for the government gives people a license to steal and lie their way to over-inflated pensions.

At least let’s get rid of one of the completely needless government agencies, and there’s no better start than by abolishing the IRS.

Semper Fi


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  1. ss442   Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    As a matter of routine, I always ask my Congressman Michael Burgess that we eliminate the IRS, EPA, DHS, D-O-Energy and Education , TSA, and means test every other agency to eliminate duplication. Disarm all non defense related agencies then take a hard look at the CIA budget as well as the State Department which has grown into the department of war and run by incompetent people who won their positions via political donations to Obama.

    Put the Army on the border and stop all drug trafficking and people trafficking.

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