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(Nov. 4, 2014) — Glenn Beck is talking about finding principle in people in his monologue of getting out of Politics and thinking more about Principle and Faith. Of course finding politicians in politics with principle is the challenge we face today. Explaining that America’s conscience is bothered Mr. Beck touches on all the reasons Obama doesn’t feel right with America and why would he over the long term? He’s a walking, talking infection of disease upon the Constitution which is the foundation of America’s success.

Glenn does really good, and then he mentions as an example if “Ted Cruz ran for President in a third party and he was the best guy he’d vote for him.” It’s still a fact that Glenn Beck does not stand upon a sound foundation of the Constitution, especially concerning the one thing that is the most important or mentioned in the United States Constitution and that is the qualifications of the Office of the President of the United States, at least to pulling examples out of his head because Sen. Cruz is not a natural born Citizen.

In many respects Beck paints a target that has a bulls’-eye and then proceeds to mark it up with horrible shots not even on target. It’s not that America CAN’T elect people in the Office of the President who are not natural born Citizens, it’s that they do not see the absolute horror of doing so. It’s not like getting struck by lighting as you cast your vote for a violation of the Constitution’s principles, because obviously that doesn’t happen.

In fact, those who are walking, talking violations of the Constitution as it concerns the Office of the President actually as we see with Obama do everything they can to camouflage their actions until after their work is done. Isn’t that the truth with Obamacare? I mean it’s a perfect example! If it was such a good law, let it set, let it ride, let it happen the first day without exemptions delays for businesses? Why are exemptions such a good idea unless if they didn’t exist actual people with money who support political candidates would revolt and those running on Obamacare as a great idea would never see the light of day in office.

You take all the exemptions and eliminate them, and guess what? Obama and the Democrats do not exist in office through the weekend. People with money, small businesses, the engine of America comes to a screeching halt. So what did Obama and his pack of wolves do? They delayed the pain upon the people who finance them. They chose to lay it heavy on the lower middle class until we picked up the dead horse, got under its belly, and started carrying it. Now I don’t know how that’s FAIR? Obama and his pack of wolves delayed hurting the elite with exemptions and what they called lawful delays, in fact camouflaging the real deal. Is that par for Obama?

Par for Obama involves around the title “It’s a Lie!” Wayne Allyn Root’s article on The Blaze declares the best way to impeach Obama is on FRAUD. People who lost their insurance, could not choose their doctor, found the bait-and-switch used by Obama and the Democrats and Republicans to take hold of another one-fifth of America’s economy. Do you think doctors are getting the money? Please explain to me why 214,000 HealthCare Providers are opting out of Obamacare?

What America seems to be missing is the ROOT of the problem. Politicians elected in Washington, DC rationalize they can defund, delay, block, or camouflage the pain of voting against the Constitution, but the cover doesn’t last forever. It does get pulled and it’s usually after the people who created it are gone that the debt, or price comes due. That’s what infuriates me so much and I’m sure I’m not alone. I don’t hate Obama; I hate his lies and deception which amounts to his actions contrary to the law of the land that do actually come down as a millstone around the children’s neck.

What America seems to be missing and not accounting for are the ‘blessings’ that come from actually being honest with the Constitution. Indeed you cannot know what ‘bad’ will come from voting against it, and you cannot know what ‘good’ can come from its principles. Faith is a requirement in both. So why are we putting more faith in the ‘bad’ then ‘faith’ in the good? Faith in the ‘bad’ is generated by ‘fear’. That is exactly how the TARP were passed (Troubled Asset Relief Program). All the money has been recovered accept for $2.5 Billion, and the U.S. Debt has doubled while Obama has been in office: Why? Why is Ebola in America? Why was the corruption of Fast & Furious started in 2009 and blamed on Bush? Why do we still have unanswered questions in Benghazi? Why is the IRS targeting groups? Why do we have 25 and counting scandals that erupted in 2013?

Hummmm? Could it be the ‘ROOT’ of the problem in electing an unqualified ineligible person actually invokes more ideology in ‘bad’ than ‘good’ for the economy, jobs, healthcare, government transparency, and over site? You don’t really suppose our U.S. Constitution was put together for the soul purposes of defrauding, or “Failing” the people do you? So what is the rationale for taking a different road?

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  1. Root cause: You can’t fix STUPID. After voting, I spoke to some local GOP LEADERS. I challenged them on the top 5 Obama crimes that still distress me. All they could say was repeal Obamacare. That was it. On all other topics, I Lost them at hello. They were not informed. They were not smart.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Did you raise the issue of the forgeries?