Report: Phase 2 Banner Truck Tour‏ Through New York State


by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Oct. 14, 2014) — *Special Message:  Thank YOU, Steve Aldstadt and SCOPE – without your lawn sign donation we would not have met the demand for signs – your donation is greatly appreciated. SCOPE – You’re the Best!!!!  Ray, Thank YOU for help with “Cuomo’s Gotta Go” T-Shirts – great stuff along the highways….lol Thanks to all who donated and contributed to this effort – WE won’t let YOU down!!

Banner Truck Tour Phase 2 was successful in 14 cities and another few stops not listed on the tour. A little here – a lot there – it all adds up to be HUGE. WE were interviewed for TV in two cities and several reporters were seen in many other stops. We are seeing and talking to thousands of people – WOW. WE – that means ALL of US – yup – that’s YOU are making BIG history.

At first – to some – it seems this is about elections – but they soon learn its NOT – it is about Freedom and Liberty and returning power to the people – do YOU get it?

Between Phase one and two – so far –  the Banner Truck has been seen, heard and touched by so many New Yorkers in over 30 cities, and on over thousands of miles of the highways and byways the Banner Truck message has been read by many tens of thousands.  Even at coffee and gas stops we gather many people to hear OUR message. This experience is exhilarating to ALL who experience it. WE ain’t quittin!!!!!!
Hey, Westchester / L.I. can ya hear US comin’?
Phase 3 – Upstate meets Downstate – Hey, YOU, from “up there” and “down there” are – ALL welcomed to join us on this adventure– coming soon – please stay tuned (and gather others too).
The BT Tour ain’t about politicians –
its about “Pledge to the People”

The BT Tour ain’t for getting Free Stuff –

It’s a pledge of visual protest to gain POWER for the People.
·        OUR Loud Voice of Civic Action CAN Change History !!!!
·        OUR Right of Referendum
·        FULL Repeal of the Safe Act
·        STOP Common Core
·        Stop Unfunded Mandates and so much more
Join US on The Banner Truck (BT) Tour
OUR Mission: Never The End – Always just the beginning until WE Achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act…….. Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen – matters not if YOU are for or against what WE term as tyrannical gun control – it is YOUR Rights WE are Fighting for. Join US in Civic Duty. March with US in OUR quest for FREEDOM and LIBERTY….. Vote ‘em out – Vote ‘em in – in the end it will be up to “We the People”. Think about this; Their power comes from OUR money – BOYCOTT!
OUR Grassroots Coalition is tens of thousands strong. We motivate and inform through FREE Email only. We share inspiration, ideas, suggestions and worthy events – but NEVER YOUR email address.
Join US by emailing ……….”Sign Me Up”

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