by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, and Nick Purpura, SAPPA, ©2014

(Oct. 13, 2014) — Below you will find download links for all the files needed for the SAPPA Campaign.  The files include everything posted on the SAPPA main page.  everyone who wishes to join this effort and present this legislation to their Assembly persons and State Senators will need to download and print out the prepared legislation and the associated forms.

There are several different word processing formats so each download is being offered in two different types.  RTF or Rich Text Format and Microsoft Word or DOC. Select the format that your word processor is most compatible with.  We have tried to make the forms and documents easy to read, manage and print.  Offering two formats should help the printed documents appear the way we have intended.

Having said that, we have presented each file unlocked and editable.  Each of you have permission to alter the layout of the files to make the printing of them best for your printer and processor.  But, we do ask that you not change any of the wording or content as we will need consistency of message across the full body of legislatures.

Dwight and Nick

For presentation forms and further instructions on the campaign, please go here.

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