With Courage It’s Achievable‏


by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Oct. 7, 2014) — YES, this makes sense. With effort and courage it IS achievable. Please read the entire contents – Then, please forward and post for complete public awareness – Thank You.

Please take it to the next level. Please take action. Please participate in asking ALL candidates to “Pledge to the People.”

If WE continue to follow the current “political strategists” and to vote for political party and the self-interests of those pushing their agendas, WE will lose again. New York and America are in a deep abyss – WE do NOT have 2, 4, or 6 years to wait. America WILL vanish if WE do not BOYCOTT LAWLESSNESS NOW.

We are all required to make vows, contracts and pledges every day in business and our personal affairs. We are all held accountable. We should demand that our governing representatives also be held responsible for the actions that they take, and signing a pledge will insure their allegiance to the people who elected them.

A “Pledge to the People” separates the civic-minded [righteous] from those with LAWLESS intentions. Making a “Pledge to the People” aligns candidates and voters. It gives the well-intentioned candidates an advantage. It gives constituents sound reasoning for supporting and voting for those who “Pledge to the People.”

The corruption in our government is running rampant. Elected officials opposing the status quo suffer wrath, desolation and “disadvantage.” In order to assist OUR elected officials to govern within the bounds of legality and thwart political party pressures, WE have developed a “Pledge to the People” as a “guide” or “duty list” to be used at times when pressure is brought upon the elected to enact LAWLESS statutes and/or wrongful government initiatives; as well as a list to achieve positive lawmaking during tenure.

We have also developed a “Pledge Record.” This is a public record where all people can find those who pledge and those who don’t. This site will be well-publicized and will become a powerful election tool as well as an aid for proper governance.

A voting record is a scorecard of past performance. The Pledge record is a scorecard of future achievement. Combining the two brings clarity to voter and candidate decision-making. It aligns the voters and candidates. It is a positive step to thwart power brokers, limit corruption and deter LAWLESSNESS.

WE have a “Pledge to the People” form. I ask you to email albel1@aol.com to be sent printable copies. I ask that YOU send a copy to YOUR candidates for office (yes, ALL candidates – ones you like and ones you don’t). All comments welcomed – Keep Fighting – Al

NOTE: Please Spread the Word– Join US anywhere on the Banner Truck Tail

  • TUESDAY Oct 7, 7PM South Seneca Sportsmen’s Club. 6894 Yarnell Rd, Ovid, NY – ALL invited
  • Thursday Oct 9, 4:30pm to 7pm 2812 E Main St, Endwell, NY 13760
  • BT (Banner Truck) Tour – Phase #2 – Oct 10,11,12,13 – Tentative Banner Truck stops: Syracuse, Watertown, Philadelphia, Canton, Potsdam, Malone, Plattsburgh, Peru, Glens Falls, Amsterdam, Albany Area, Details Coming Soon – Please stay tuned.  Saugerties, Kingston, Poughkeepsie

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