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(Oct. 4, 2014) — New Jersey Patriots,

TPATH and several groups (to be named later) across the state of New Jersey have begun a campaign to reverse our many unconstitutional laws.  This program will be multi-faceted and will incorporate grassroots activity as well as class action lawsuits which will no doubt reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

What will be asked of signups?
A more detailed description and instructions will be given to those signing up. But for now it is important to know that our campaign involves authoring legislation which is now complete.  A short version of it can been read here (SAPPA).

We will need as many citizens as possible, as individuals or groups, to request an appointment with the Legislators in their districts.  The purpose of the meeting can be described as “legislative.” At that meeting you will need to present SAPPA to them and ask if they will sponsor or co-sponsor the bill. The intent will be to get this bill in the hands of all 80 NJ Legislators as many times as possible.

You will bring a form (signups will be given a link to download it) with you to this meeting. Once you see the form, the rest will be self-explanatory.

If you or your group wish to join the grassroots portion of this endeavor,
please CLICK HERE to sign up.

As many of you know, the United States Constitution prohibits individual states from implementing legislation that would interfere with or infringe on its citizens’ civil rights.  This has not prevented many of them from doing just that.

The laws they have passed, on the face of them, appear to comply with the 2nd Amendment’s requirement to allow law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms.  However, it is a ruse, for they wrote laws that give them the right to evaluate your NEED to arm yourself as opposed to your right to do so.

The application a citizen must fill out is designed to eliminate almost every citizen from approval. And those not eliminated by their responses and history will then be eliminated by an unelected judge who believes he has the right to circumvent your rights as he decides that his perception of your need can trump your rights. As a result, virtually every NJ citizen is denied his civil rights.

Many states run by socialists employ tactics such as these, and New Jersey is by far the most egregious implementer of such laws of prevarication.  But that does not make them legal or constitutional.  We are about to take them on and we will be doing so, presenting the case in such a manner that the United States Supreme Court will be unable to deny docketing it.


If you want to be part of this effort and possibly as a result have your rights restored and your application to carry revisited and approved, please CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of those citizens whose rights have been denied.

CAUTION:  Only those individuals who have been denied the right to bear arms here in NJ for the unconstitutional reason of “lack of need” should add their names to this list.  If you were denied on the grounds of criminal record, mental health issues or some infraction of domestic violence, please do not sign up for this program.  We only want those with no issues to be part of this campaign.  You may well have a good reason for contesting that determination, but this will not be the forum for that.

Please send this posting to any friends or family members who may have been denied their civil rights.

As always,TPATH gives permission re-post or re-transmit this article in any social media available.


TPATH Founder
Dwight Kehoe
TeamNJ Founder
Nicholas Purpura
October 2, 2014

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  1. New Jersey has gone mostly Democrat/Liberal and it has ruined the state. With high taxes, crime, corrupted officials, high cost of living New Jersey lost over $72 billion in revenue when 3,600 high income earners left the state. Then, 3,400 low income workers came in to fill the voids with entitlement sign ups. It is happening all over the U.S. as was planned by the DNC. It is all a Ponzi Scheme that continues with the Bari Malik Shabazz coup/usurpation.