by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDAunite.org, ©2014

(Sep. 15, 2014) — I’ll never forget the pain etched in their faces.

I’ll never forget the screams, the haunting pleas of mothers at faceless soldiers.

I’ll never forget the National Guard on rooftops, and Humvee patrols in an American city. The long  lines of riot police, the frustration on the faces of young men.

I’ll never forget the resilience of a battle-worn community. I‘ll never forget the prayer circles, hopeful  speech, and the unity, democrats and republicans, libertarians and socialists, standing side by side in  the face of oppression.

Once a sleepy suburb of St. Louis, and now America’s warzone, Ferguson Missouri jumped into the headlines after protests over the shooting of a teenager sparked a militarized police response. Because over two years ago, I founded PANDA to prevent this very thing from happening, we have specifically banned 7 jurisdictions from being battlefields, and I needed to see if I could put my talents forward to help the community recover, I went to Ferguson. I was there for two weeks, and here are 20 things I learned living on America’s battlefield:

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Thanks for your support. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.


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  1. This sure is not what the major news media people are telling. Have they lost all sight of the truth in reporting or are they just getting lazy and spouting off what they are told to report?