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by a Reader

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), May 4, 2012

(Aug. 29, 2014) — In response to an article published at The Post & Email on Friday morning, a reader wrote the following letter:

If EVER, in the entire history of America, there was a “Kangaroo Conviction” with NO accuser, NO evidence, NO “victim” and the so-called “judge” mocking the defendant, deriding constitutional rights and then, without ANY grounds to do so, calling the defendant a “moral coward,” then this is it.

How, pray tell, can you EVER be convicted of “aggravated perjury” if you were never sworn in under oath? Walt Fitzpatrick was.

How can you be “charged and convicted” of a crime when there was and is still NO ACCUSER AND NO victim?  Walt Fitzpatrick was.

How can you be convicted of “extortion” when NOTHING was extorted, when there was NO accuser of WHAT was “extorted” and NO “victim” who ever was identified of the extortion?  Walt Fitzpatrick was.

Folks, America in general, under AKA, “the usurper” and Tennessee in particular, has been “fundamentally transformed” into a “Banana Republic,” a mockery of Justice, and what we have just witnessed in Tennessee was and is a “political show trial” exactly like those that the now-thankfully-collapsed former Soviet Union ran to silence dissidents to their cruel and illegal rule.

Fellow Americans, be NOT deceived….under NDAA this could happen to you….Walt Fitzpatrick is, IS America’s “canary in the coal mine,” and he has now gone down….an innocent man convicted by evil political hacks to shut him up.

Walt Fitzpatrick’s ONLY crime was to sit on a bench in the courthouse and seek “redress of grievances” by a Grand Jury.  If this is OK with you and you could care less, then when YOU go down, expect NO support from any of us “Oath Keepers,” Veterans or Patriots.  If you could “care less” about Walt Fitzpatrick, when you get “Kangaroo’d” under FEMA or the Department of INJustice under Holder, then you deserve your fate, and I, for one, will not forget you, BUT you will definitely NOT be high on my or my fellow Patriots’ “to-do list.”

IF you have ANY integrity in your body, GET INVOLVED TO FREE AN INNOCENT MAN…or sit down and watch your country die as you stood by and did nothing but wring your hands.

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  1. The illegal arrest and imprisonment of CDR. Fitzpatrick is a display of Democrat hate and arrogance for anyone who exposes their criminal acts and deeds. Kind-of like mom and dad coming home and finding kids in candy jars. Throughout most of my life, I have observed political mentality and actions of political party members, and most of the time with Democrat members, it seems something went really wrong during the adolescent period where any type of law or authority had to be disobeyed of countered. I would think there are terms in the psych world that classify this but there definitely seems to be a genetic connection to the defiant hatred to truth, law, rules, conduct or God that seems to be a pattern with most of these people. Under man’s laws and God’s law it would appear to be people who are basically GODLESS who would go to such extremes to destroy the country they live in just because they “can’t have their way,” but I would also think this is a pattern you could observe in the “criminal mind” under many levels. It is in all the Democrats that are “in power” at this time. A constant hatred for anyone who opposes them or tells them “NO” or “THAT’S WRONG” is definitely a pattern of criminal behavior beyond a doubt. Removing them or getting them prosecuted is difficult.