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by Sharon Rondeau

The image purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate from Hawaii has been declared a “computer-generated forgery” by a criminal investigation which began nearly three years ago

(Aug. 29, 2014) — [Editor’s Note:  The congressional staffer mentioned in the following article is referred to as “He or she” to fully protect the person’s identity.  In some place, responses made by the reader have been altered for that purpose.]

On Friday, The Post & Email spoke with one of its regular readers about an email sent earlier in the week describing a conversation he had with a congressional staffer in Washington, DC in which the staffer stated, “We know the birth certificate posted on the WH website is a fake.”

When The Post & Email asked the reader his reaction to the staffer’s statement, he replied, “I was floored.  I said, ‘Did you just say that the birth certificate on the White House website for Barack Hussein Obama is a fake?’ and he or she said, ‘Yes, we know that.'”

The reader called the experience “the most honest, truthful conversation I’ve had with a congressman’s office to date.”

On April 27, 2011, an image uploaded to the White House website was purported to be a scan of an original Certificate of Live Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu belonging to Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama’s personal attorney, Judith Corley, had reportedly obtained two certified copies in person from the Health Department several days before.

After numerous graphics experts declared the image fraudulent within 24 hours of its posting, members of two Tea Party groups in Maricopa County, AZ decided to approach their sheriff, Joe Arpaio, to request an investigation so that their votes would not be disenfranchised in the upcoming November 2012 presidential election.

Members of Congress have remained mute on the image posted on the White House website despite the findings of a criminal investigation launched by Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse in September 2011.  On March 1, 2012, Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo held a press conference in which they announced that the investigation had found that the birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

At a second presser on July 17, 2012, Arpaio and Zullo called for a congressional investigation into the forgeries.  However, Congress failed to act, the major media declined to conduct its own probe of the posse’s findings, and Obama was reportedly re-elected by a slim margin in November 2012.

Since 2007, many Americans have doubted that Obama meets the constitutional eligibility requirements to serve as the nation’s chief executive because of the Article II, Section 1, clause 5 mandate that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.”  The meaning of the term has been hotly debated since Obama first ran for the presidency, with some believing that a simple birth on U.S. soil regardless of the parents’ citizenship or allegiance qualifies, and others contending that the Founders included the term to preclude all foreign influence on the presidency by requiring that he be a second-, and not first-, generation American.

Various items in Obama’s background appear to conflict with one another, and both Obama and his wife have made statements contradictory to his public life story regarding his birth hospital, early childhood, and his “home country.”  Obama’s reported foreign-citizen father would have been considered enough to disqualify him by former Ambassador to Italy Breckinridge Long, who served under President Woodrow Wilson and questioned the eligibility of Wilson’s 1916 presidential opponent, Mr. Charles Evans Hughes, who was born in the United States to two British-citizen parents.

Obama claims a birth in Hawaii, but no hospital there has confirmed it, nor has any hospital anywhere in the United States claimed to be Obama’s birthplace.  African newspapers reported Obama as “Kenyan-born” during his 2004 senatorial campaign, while a U.S. newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser, reported in 2006 that he was born in Indonesia.  Commentator Chris Matthews concurred with the latter in late 2007 when he discussed points on the air which presidential primary contender Hillary Clinton might raise to transcend her opponent, Barack Obama, including Obama’s purported birth in Indonesia.

NPR reported Obama as “Kenyan-born” in 2008, then changed its report to read that his father was “born in Kenya.”  From 1991 to 2007, Obama’s literary agent reported in an official biography that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”  That report was changed in April 2007, two months after Obama had announced his candidacy for the presidency, to say that he was “born in Hawaii.”

Obama reportedly speaks Arabic fluently and has been observed to be sympathetic to, if not fully-practicing of, the Muslim faith.  During the rise of the barbaric terrorist group ISIS over the past two months in Iraq and Syria, Obama has taken virtually no action against ISIS, which has decimated ancient Iraqi colonies of Yazidis, Christians, and others in the most brutal of ways and declared the return of a brutal Middle-Eastern Islamic caliphate.

The Post & Email’s source additionally reported that the staffer told him that “they know that Hussein is a muslim” [sic].

The reader said he spoke with the staffer for more than an hour on a variety of topics, including hypothetical “impeachment” of Obama by the House of Representatives and the conviction and jailing of CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) for attempting to point out ongoing judicial corruption to the McMinn County grand jury.

On June 24, Fitzpatrick was convicted of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” through tainted proceedings which included a compromised grand jury, judge and prosecutor.

In March 2009, Fitzpatrick filed a criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee in which he had named Barack Hussein Obama in the commission of treason as a “foreign born domestic enemy.”

During the conversation, the reader also raised the plights of Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been repeatedly brutalized by the Iranian regime while incarcerated after attempting to launch an orphanage in that country several years ago; Dr. Terry Lakin, a former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who sacrificed his career, pension, pay and rank by challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility and authority to issue military orders, spending five months at Ft. Leavenworth; Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has overseen two criminal investigations into Obama’s documentation and related matters over nearly three years; Darren Wesley Huff, who was convicted of a firearms charge after patronizing a local restaurant unarmed in Monroe County, TN during a hearing for Fitzpatrick on April 20, 2010 and is serving the last year of a four-year sentence; and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been held in a Mexican prison since April 1, 2014, when he reportedly took a wrong turn from Southern California into Mexico with three legally-owned firearms in his vehicle.

On Friday, the Obama regime published a response to a petition on whitehouse.gov calling for its intervention to effect Tahmooressi’s immediate release, stating that “The U.S. State Department continues to provide extensive consular assistance to Mr. Tahmooressi, and will do so until his case is resolved.  As in all cases when a U.S. citizen is arrested overseas, our goal is to see that Mr. Tahmooressi is treated fairly during the judicial process with the hope that he can receive the support, both emotional and medical, that he may require now and at the conclusion of the proceedings.”

Regarding Fitzpatrick’s conviction and sentencing last week, the reader related the staffer’s reaction:

He or she was engaging and asked me if any of the representatives for Walter were contacted. (We know the answer to that)  I proceeded to tell him or her that Congressman Fleishmann’s office had been contacted and that if my facts were correct his office is located where the McMinn County Courthouse is and where Walter was just convicted last Tuesday.  He or she was aghast when I told him or her that, by saying something to the effect you have got to be kidding me or oh my goodness.  He or she actually had that kind of a response on more than one of the concerns expressed.

The reader added that the staffer appeared to take down details about Fitzpatrick’s case and promised to provide the information to a fellow staffer, who was said to be an attorney.

Prior to Fitzpatrick’s sentencing on August 19, The Post & Email contacted the respective media spokespersons for the U.S. House and Senate Judiciary Committees to report judicial corruption not only in Tennessee state courts, but also in the U.S. District Court in Knoxville and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, OH, which includes Tennessee.

The staffer asked if Fitzpatrick’s congressman, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, had been contacted, to which the reader answered in the affirmative.  This writer has contacted Fleischmann’s media representative in writing and by phone on several occasions to inform him that illegal activity is ongoing in the McMinn County courthouse, where Fleischmann’s Athens, TN district office is located.  Fleischmann’s office has never provided a response.

To date, no state or federal-level representative from Tennessee has been willing to tackle the problem of systemic, widespread judicial misconduct which has jailed thousands of Tennesseans through tainted grand juries and a denial of constitutional due process over many decades, which Fitzpatrick has called “the dictatorship of the judiciary.”

From 2008 and forward, numerous constituents concerned about Obama’s constitutional eligibility received form letters from their congressmen contending that because Obama was purportedly born in Hawaii, he was qualified to serve.  The foreign citizenship of his claimed father was never questioned. Beginning in 2009, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued several reports which omitted crucial language from several U.S. Supreme Court cases involving the citizenship of the parents when discussing the meaning of “natural born Citizen.”  The CRS made an obvious effort to qualify both Sen. John McCain, who was born in Panama to two U.S.-citizen parents, and Barack Obama, who claimed a birth in Hawaii to a U.S.-citizen mother and Kenyan-citizen father, as “natural born Citizens.”

In an interview last month, North American Law Center (NALC) lead attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who helped to publish proposed Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama, told The Post & Email that in a conversation with a retired CIA agent, he was informed that Obama has been using a manufactured identity and that the time frame and reason for the “criminal identity fraud” were known to the agent.

Regarding the discussion of impeachment, the staffer opined that “the Senate isn’t going to impeach him [Obama],” although the reader posited that he or she might have substituted the term “impeachment” for “removal from office.”

The Post & Email has hard evidence that the congressman for whom the staffer works has issued letters to assure constituents and non-constituents alike that Obama is eligible for the presidency because of his alleged birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

The staffer reportedly told the reader that “many people” have contacted the office with criticism of Obama’s actions while he has occupied the White House.

The reader said that during the conversation, he also “read a list of individuals that we all know have called out Obama as being ‘lawless.'”

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  1. Canada Free Press also reporting some months ago that Obama’s fraud is “an Open Secret” in Washington.

    There will be enough shame and blame to go around to both parties when the Truth is finally revealed…may it be soon!

  2. I think now the problem is the reverse, no one wants to say anything but if someone did there would be more willing to stand up for the truth–don’t you think?

    It is infuriating the cowardice that the republican party invests in. If it were the other way around, Obama was a republican, he would not have made it past the a single primary.

  3. Why is the staffer’s name being withheld? Why is the the congress persons name being withheld? Is it not time to start exposing the very people who keep the fraud in the white house? Amazing!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Because it may encourage more to come forward.