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by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDAunite.org, ©2014

(Aug. 19, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

Ferguson, Missouri. 

Most Americans had never heard of the city before this week. Just a small town in Missouri, that has now become America’s battlefield.

America’s warzone.

I have been here since Saturday morning. I have seen everything from prayer circles and press conferences with the protesters, to National Guardsmen positioned as snipers on store rooftops. I have been directed out of parking lots by military police, and ordered to keep moving by highway patrolmen.

I have taken my time to connect with community leaders, and hopefully made some progress in that regard. I have helped clean up this community with the people here, and had conversations with Ferguson residents – some wonderful, some slightly hostile.

I have had my eyes completely opened while down here. I originally showed up quietly, not intending to make a ruckus, just to connect with community leaders and help out in the area. Today, I live streamed to nearly 25,000 people, and slammed the militarization of our nation on CNN.

This is what the NDAA looks like. When the only difference between the police and military is one is under the DoD (Department of Defense), and one is not, there is no practical difference. The Ferguson police coalition treated peaceful protesters like criminals, instead of dealing separately with a small criminal element.  They acted like, and continue to act like, an occupying force in the community.

Of course, now even the National Guard is here.

I would love to write a longer report, and at one point I will. For now, I will be reporting live from this channelhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/feelinsofly

Please check that out, and you can support PANDA’s efforts here in Ferguson, to help this community recover and send a message to the rest of the country that this type of response is unacceptable in any community in America. Ever.

Please support our efforts here: http://www.gofundme.com/d1yrig

I will be here in Ferguson until the community no longer needs me. This is what PANDA was made for. This is what we were meant to do. I challenge any organization that considers liberty important to send people down here and truly stand up against the military state.

-Dan Johnson
Founder, PANDA
People Against the NDAA

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