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August 16, 2014

McMinn County Commissioners have published no contact information for the public other than their home addresses, and the “Questions/Comments” feature is disabled


Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee

Sherriff Joe Guy, McMinn County

Mayor Hal Buttram, City of Athens

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA

Tad Simpson, McMinn County Commission

Roger Masingale, McMinn County Commission

Dale Holbrook, McMinn County Commission

Scott Curtis, McMinn County Commission

(I have listed the other recipients of this letter below)

As a citizen of a Western Democracy and as a friend to the citizens of the United States of America, I would like to express my support to you in your fight against systemic corruption slowly invading the USA and Australia within our judicial systems and within sections of our Governments. Quoting Sheriff Joe Guy, “..keeping the oath..”, serving both God and country alike.

As events in the USA directly affect other Western countries, this is a kind reminder that the world can watch the unfolding events in the American Judicial System, particularly at present in the McMinn County, Tennessee.  From the open admissions by District Attorney General Kim Helper that her officers steal money under the guise of Civil Forfeiture Laws citing “I guess it is a way for us to continue to fund our operations…”, to the rigging of Grand Juries to fraudulently seize deceased estates and imprisoning retired veterans who continue to uphold their oaths to “protect America from threats within” when they report this Judicial Corruption, and even when the latter’s charges of extortion and aggravated perjury were found to be “without a victim.”

I note that when searching online for the McMinn County Sherriff’s Department, the first search result is the prisoners’ directory. Prisoner overpopulation in Australia is how privatized prisons security and caterers maximise profits, and I note that it is the same over there.

We all have freedom of choice.  However, now that you have received this communication from me, I having created the action, now have caused an effect in you. Your response to it is your choice, whether good, bad or indifferent. Please choose wisely, guided by God and your oaths of office, as it is all of our futures that are at stake. America being a world leader, know that your action (or inaction) will have repercussions around the world. Unwise actions or inaction is how we slowly got into this position. Anything short of supporting true justice in America, and by proxy supporting justice and democracy in the rest of the world, is self-defeating in the long run. Think globally and act locally with best intent.

Yours in respect and truth,


Melbourne, Australia

Other recipients of this letter include:

Olivier van Bogaert, Head of Media and Communications, International Commission of Justice

Transparency International

Michael Gross, Federal Judicial Center

Judith Areen, Chief Executive Officer, Association of American Law Schools

William Hubbard, American Bar Association

Steve Lepper, Deputy Director American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative

Anita Denning, Director of Outreach and Communications, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative

Jim Sandman, President, Legal Services Corporation

Carl Rauscher, Director of Communications and Media Relations, Office of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Legal Services Corporation

Esther F. Lardent, Esq., President and Chief Executive Officer, Pro Bono Institute

As the County Commissioners’ email addresses have now been taken down, please also forward where applicable to:

Bob Powers, McMinn County Commission

Gary Mason, McMinn County Commission

J.W. McPhail, McMinn County Commission

Tim King, McMinn County Commission

Charles Slack, McMinn County Commission

David Crews, Chairman McMinn County Commission

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  1. Speaking from hands-on experience, our so-called “freedom of choice” is severely limited.
    I was a qualified presidential candidate for the 2012 election and tried getting in on the televised debates and I was totally and unequivocally ignored. I suppose that I would’ve said something like “Who is this bozo in the White House anyway?” and “Why are we debating trivia when our Constitution is being trampled?”, which the RNC knew, because I told them exactly what I would say: the truth.
    No, to expect small minded little insignificant losers to act like grown-ups is way, way too much to ask or hope for. These liars and thieves who hide behind such glorified handles like “Judge”, “Sheriff” and “Officers of the Court (cops)” don’t have the mental capacity to act in a “global” manner. They don’t have a clue how precious freedom is. In their mind, freedom is just something that they can abuse to steal and play at being the playground bully with impunity.
    There is no possible redemption for such Pigs.
    I grant you that there may be 10% who are honest public servants, but don’t hold your breath.
    The solution? Truthfully?
    If you’re cornered you have two choices: give-up or fight.