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August 3, 2014

Highly-paid Fox News show host Bill O’Reilly has participated in a cover-up of the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form and on July 31 included Fox News reporter Heather Nauert in the ploy

Mr. O’Reilly,

In answer to comments about your “Killing” books you always tell your audience you wrote them based on facts.   After watching your bit with Heather Nauert a few days back I now wonder what facts you chose to use.  Why, because you obviously ignore the facts that have been presented concerning the forged BC that is still presented to America on the White House website.  You sir seem to pick and choose your facts when it comes to this particular situation, maybe you did the same when writing your books.  In writing factually based books, do you not do your own research or do you depend on others who may in fact mislead you into wrong conclusions, opinions, positions, statements that end up as “facts as you see them” in your books?

Question, you as a former teacher (history teacher I believe you said once), why is it you seem to not look for the facts in the issue of a forged and false BC?  You apparently depend on newspaper reports or the CRS (Congressional Research Service), that are questionable as to their veracity and factualness.  Why have you not had the persons who have done that research into the facts you and others in the media have chosen to ignore, on your show?  I’m sure Arizona’s Sheriff Arpiao and Mr. Zullo the lead investigator would love to present the facts to enlighten you about the truth you so easily distain.  You, Mr. O’Reilly, and Heather Nauert denigrate millions of Americans that only want the truth to come out without the spin that you have so famously touted.

I completely agree with the email I received from Neil  Turner.  I have copied it below and hope you and your staff take the time to read it.  In Neil’s message he makes the statement the you are complicit.  Following that is something about TREASON you may wish to become familiar with due to you complicity. As in history, you could be considered a TORY at the time of the revolution.  I think sir, that puts you on the wrong side of the Constitution.


Lloyd Carter


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  1. Forget FOX Fair And Balanced-the only thing they are balancing there are their check books and retirement accounts. Obama’s father was Malcolm X and mother was Elizabeth Ann Newman bomber with Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground. Obama is Art.2 illegal by being “dual citizen”. The mother took the pregnancy to Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya-the flight records were removed as Sheriff Joe and Mike discovered by DNC Operatives. He was required to become a citizen of Indonesia by their Constitution attending Jakarta’s Muslim Boys Prep School for 8 years-then returned to Hawaii. Coming to the U.S. around 1984, he applied for a “foreign student scholarship” which the Ayers family paid for much of his college. Later, when he was an Illinois “Senator”, a Navy SEAL discovered his papers were illegal and the SEAL was thrown in three different prisons for one year on the U.S. east coast for trying to tell Congressmen and Senators that he was illegal-nothing like following your oath-ask Lakin, Wood, Butler, Huff and other Veterans that the DNC controlled press has filtered out of any media. FOX keeps it’s watcher’s one step from the truth which is good for news cast business-it’s all about the money fellas. Try to email them or get them to pay ANY attention to ANY of this-I am in a group that have been trying to serve Criminal Presentments for YEARS and have learned many scary truths. See http://www.terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org and study all the material. The “birther” thing has become secondary as Obama is a “dual citizen” and we have had copies of the DNC Vetting Papers that Pelosi and Biden falsified in 2008 for Obama. Obama is only a puppet for a DNC agenda that planned his rise from the late 1950’s with white Marxist/Alinsky and Black Muslim Panther Party groups that realized they would be more successful by working together. It has worked for them but the coup and usurpation is nearing it’s end at the sacrifice of America and it’s Military, it’s economy, and many “color only” partriots that voted for “color” rather than America and it’s most qualified candidate. Tax and Spend mentality has bankrupted America and it’s citizens are close to anarchy that are non-Democrats. It’s all a big joke to the DNC as they duped America, it’s youth and anyone foolish enough to support a Criminal Despot and not look at what was behind the wheel with no real experience or ability to perform the job of POTUS in the country the size of America-it is all a drama that fooled many people and many are angry now that jumped on the bus-now they see what others and more experienced people tried to tell them about Tax And Spend from other administrations that have come before. Now-there will be a long price to pay for all the years of ignorance, greed, theft, lies, promises and complete criminal operations. Many finance leaders are saying 7 to 10 years of this getting worse before we could see any change for the better. Not the “change” we need. The “change” we need is to replace ALL the DNC AND RNC members and start over asap. Term Limits and benefit reductions are mandatory. Complete change is required in order to show any “change” at all.

  2. These people have ALL THE RESOURCES to get to the bottom of the forged and phony documents, but choose not to pursue the facts.WHY? FOX NEWS your are just a bunch of cowards who are selling America to the highest bidder. I hope you ALL rot in HELL!!!!!

  3. Thanks Mr. Carter. Maybe with what has transpired in the last year your letter will do some good.

    Years ago I contacted O’Reilly and many others in FOX News with all the basics on Obama. Never a response from any of the talking heads, barby dolls or management. We stopped watching FOX some time ago as have many others.

  4. FOX News is no better than any other cable news service when it comes to exposing Obama’s malevolent fraud on the United States. That does make Fox News complicit with the fraud, along with countless others. From O’Reilly calling Birthers “Pinheads” to Geraldo and Hannity calling Birthers “Crazy,” FOX News puts its own Spin on the news. Hypocrites, all of them.