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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Van Irion specializes in intellectual property, contract law and civil litigation but also has worked in the criminal arena

(Jul. 21, 2014) — Last Thursday, The Post & Email’s editor, Sharon Rondeau, was a guest on Dr. Laurie Roth’s “The Roth Show” for an hour speaking about corruption in the Tennessee court system and specifically, the cases of Marvin William Young and CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), both of whom have been falsely accused of serious crimes which threaten to imprison them for years or even decades.

Fitzpatrick was convicted on June 24 of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” without any corroborating evidence, the existence of a police report or criminal complaint, or witnesses other than Jeffrey Cunningham, the former grand jury foreman, who testified that he became angry that Fitzpatrick had tried to submit evidence to the McMinn County, TN grand jury naming him as a criminal.

In Tennessee, the criminal court judges have been allowed to appoint the foreman of the grand jury, who then serves as long as the judges desire.  It defies the purpose of a grand jury to have a court-appointed member interacting, leading, and voting with the jurors who are purportedly selected by automated means, as the law requires.

Irion defended Fitzpatrick, contending that Fitzpatrick had done only “what the law plainly allows” in bringing a petition for redress of grievances to the grand jury.    Irion asked Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood to dismiss the case, then dismiss some of the charges, which also included “stalking” and “harassment,” which Blackwood refused to do.  Not only were all of the grand jurors who indicted Fitzpatrick compromised because of information Cunningham had imparted to them in January, but Blackwood also was familiar with at least several aspects of the case but did not recuse himself.

In a 2012 case publicized in the mainstream media, Blackwood entered into a shouting match with a prosecutor and was forced off the bench by an appellate court after the state attorney general became involved.

The Post & Email has written to Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. on both the Young and Fitzpatrick cases but received no response as of July 18.

Irion claimed that the Tenth Judicial District, of which McMinn County is a part, was carrying out a “vindictive prosecution” against Fitzpatrick, who blew the whistle on the judicially-appointed grand jury foremen in neighboring Monroe County in 2009.  As a result, Fitzpatrick was jailed six times in the Monroe County jail, which Fitzpatrick described as “a dungeon” and where his health deteriorated very rapidly each time.

Irion will be Roth’s guest during the second hour of her show on Monday, which will air at 11:00 p.m. EDT.  The entire show is three hours and begins at 7:00 p.m. PDT/10:00 p.m. EDT.

As founder of Liberty Legal Foundation, Irion brought an eligibility lawsuit against Obama in Georgia in early 2012 and also challenged the constitutionality of Obamacare through a class action lawsuit.  He unsuccessfully ran in the Republican primary for criminal court judge this past spring against Sandra Donaghy, who is currently an assistant prosecutor in another district.

Irion has been admitted to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court and considers the U.S. Constitution before legal “precedent” in his approach to his practice of law.

Young does not currently have an attorney but was ordered to appear with one for his next “status hearing” on August 25.  Judge Carroll Lee Ross, who is set to retire at the end of August, will preside.  Ross hung up on The Post & Email two weeks ago when we reached him at his office.

Linda Jordan launched a new fund for Fitzpatrick’s legal expenses which will be given to Irion, who also set up a fund in 2012 when he began defending Fitzpatrick on a pro bono basis in Monroe County.  Irion continues to work pro bono, although any donations over and above filing expenses and fees could possibly be used to offset the hundreds of hours he has put into exposing the inconsistencies, violations of law and Rules of Criminal Procedure routinely seen in eastern Tennessee.

Citizen complaints on the Tennessee court system, particularly as they relate to federal judges, have been lodged with the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Judiciary Committees and Judge Blackwood, whose contact information is here (scroll down).

The Post & Email asked after the verdicts were read if Blackwood himself had committed a crime and wrote a letter to FBI Director James B. Comey which will be published in the near future.

Thus far, none of the jurors has spoken publicly about his or her decision to vote to convict without an accuser or tangible evidence of a crime having been committed.

A petition demanding that Blackwood vacate the verdict from a “kangaroo court” has garnered 130 signatures as of this writing.

The Roth Show can be heard on KSBN.net.  Roth told The Post & Email that she is widely circulating news of Fitzpatrick’s impending imprisonment following his sentencing hearing on August 19.

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  1. We are seeing the result of planning from the late 50’s by white Marxist/Atheist Socialists joining with Black Panther/Black Muslim groups that spun off of the Cloward Piven/Alinsky and Malcolm X U.S. radical liberal agendas of the 50’s and 60’s to raise baby Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) to become the first person of color in POTUS even though he is illegal as a “dual citizen” born of two U.S. Citizen parents (Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman) but also a citizen of Indonesia by their Constitutional Law. Obama entered the U.S. on a “foreign student scholarship” but his papers are hidden at Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle at a cost of over $4 million to taxpayers. We are under a silent coup/usurpation that Cdr. Fitzpatrick tried to warn of in 2008 but no one listened but a few of his followers that were on American Grand Jury for 1.5 years trying to serve criminal presentments against this criminal Marxist cabal. We realized early on that no courts were taking the presentments to discovery, later we found that Hillary was involved in threatening judges and their families to tow the line and rule any presentments against the DNC as having a “no standing” rule and to blow any attempt to serve out of court. Misprision Of Felony was then a culture to now with all the judicial playing along with orders from on high to keep their position/paychecks. They have attacked Walt because he is the biggest threat to them being a retired Naval Officer who is highly educated in warfare and Constitutional and Military prudence. He is their worst nightmare. They picked on the wrong man. They will pay a price as many veterans are watching and following this very closely. Walt, Butler, Wood, Lakin, Huff are a focal point of this DNC cabal and anyone hitting the truth bell becomes their targets. Where is the news coverage on national media especially FOX News which has never answered any emails over the years on this sham with Walt and the Tennessee Clan Of Corruption as judges make their own law and LEO’s can be sent out as assassins to beat to death and set on fire a Republican Commissioner named Jim Miller in Tennessee that FOX did run a few second story on but left out anything to do with Walt and the ongoing corruption in Monroe/McMinn counties where much of this which hunt on Walt and Darren Huff has taken place, all ordered by Obama and his henchmen and agents that would arrest their own mother to keep paychecks rolling- I don’t understand agents that have gone against their oaths and duty to follow illegal orders from an illegal POTUS without ever questioning where the orders are coming from-an illegal POTUS as a “dual citizen” using a social security number of an 88 year old man in Connecticut who is committing treason, perjury, election fraud, identity fraud, murder, misprision of felony and there is no way to remove him. Why have neither Congress/Senate/Judicial Committees done nothing? Are they afraid to follow the oaths they took and swore to uphold the Constitution? It seems that way and when America wakes up to see what the DNC has done to them and America-they will freak. Let’s pray for Walt, Huff, Butler, Lakin and Wood as they are being hated by these liberal Communists for standing by the Constitution they took an oath to. Walt has committed no crimes, only to tell the truth and try to save America from the tyrant Obama and his criminal associates.

  2. There are no surprises left for me when it comes to the government. Government officials are a public disgrace and the vitriol we are observing at all levels is a mere reflection of those at the top of the chain.